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Shelley Beattie -

Shelley Beattie
Ms. Beattie was a standout heptathlete and cross country runner in high school later earning a degree in psychology and special education. As a group home counselor she helped children who suffered mental, emotional and physical handicaps. She has earned many titles including Overall Woman's Champion at USA Championships and placed third in Ms. Olympia competition. Best known as "Siren" on the TV show American Gladiators, she made history as a member of the first all-women's America's Cup yacht racing team. Shelley indicated that her hearing loss was caused by an... More

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Hearing Loss Solutions

  • Amplified telephones are now available to help people with hearing loss. Auditory assistive listening devices when combined with hearing aids are much like binoculars for the ear.
  • Most public places (i.e. movie, place of worship, government building, schools) are required under the American with Disabilities Act to provide assistive listening devices for the hard-of-hearing.

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