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Leslie Nielsen -

He's a good, solid actor who spent 30+ years in movies and on TV playing good, meaty roles before achieving significant success in slapstick comedy. The Canadian born actor, a nephew of character actor Jean Hersholt, was a radio announcer and disk jockey before turning to acting. He played an impassive spaceship commander in Forbidden Planet, Debbie Reynolds' love interest in Tammy and the Bachelor , a Howard Hughes prototype in Harlow , the ill-fated captain in The Poseidon Adventure, and more cops, doctors and attorneys than you can count. Prior... More

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Hearing Loss Prevention

  • Examples of dangerously loud recreational activities which may cause hearing loss are: video arcades - (110 dB), firecrackers - (125-155 dB at a distance of 10 feet), live music concerts - (120 dB and above) , gunshots - (150-167 dB), movie theatres - (118 dB), health clubs and aerobic studios (120 dB), sporting events (127 dB), motorboats - (85-115 dB), motorcycles... More

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