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Jim Ryun -
World-class Runner & Congressman

World-renowned track star Jim Ryun, the first high school American to break the four minute mile barrier, used his experience with hearing loss to lead the Council for Better Hearing and Speech Month in 1993. Ryun held the world record time for the mile at 3:51:1 for 9 years, and the high school mile record of 3:55:3 for 36 years. Proclaimed Sports Illustrated's 1966 Sportsman of the Year, Ryun has received numerous awards, including the AAU Sullivan Award for Best Amateur Athlete. A U.S. Olympic team member for three consecutive Olympics,... More

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Hearing Loss Prevention

  • Examples of dangerously loud recreational activities which may cause hearing loss are: video arcades - (110 dB), firecrackers - (125-155 dB at a distance of 10 feet), live music concerts - (120 dB and above) , gunshots - (150-167 dB), movie theatres - (118 dB), health clubs and aerobic studios (120 dB), sporting events (127 dB), motorboats - (85-115 dB), motorcycles... More

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