Cathy Henderson Jones Elected President of Better Hearing Institute

January 22, 2009

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) on December 17th elected Cathy Henderson Jones, Phonak, as its 2009 President. Cathy has served on the Board of the Better Hearing Institute for several years and has held many other industry positions including her current immediate past chair of the Hearing Industries Association. Cathy was President/CEO of Phonak US from 2001 to December 31st, 2008, and recently moved to the position of Executive Director Corporate Relations , Phonak to lead the efforts of Hear the World. BHI looks forward to Cathy applying the diversity of her professional audiological experience and over 30 years in the industry to the momentum of BHI.

Cathy stated, "I am pleased to serve as President of BHI. I have continued optimism about the future of the Better Hearing Institute and its ability to influence people with hearing loss to seek a solution for their hearing loss earlier in life. BHI in 2008 launched the website resulting in close to 25,000 letters to Congress in support of tax credit legislation; achieved close to 1,600 placements in print or on the web to an audience of 259 million people, and had visitors to our website in excess of 750,000. And our greatest compliment was that this past year we noticed that many hearing health professionals are using BHI material to promote their practice. I intend to help BHI amplify all of those achievements and extend its positive impact even further."

In addition to electing Cathy Jones as President, the Board elected Brian Kinnerk, President of Unitron as vice-president and Gordon Walker, General Manager of Knowles Electronics as secretary/treasurer. Both Gordon and Brian currently serve as Directors on the Board.

The BHI Board of Directors additionally elected one new Board member who will expand the Board's representation of the hearing industry: Michele Fusco, senior vice-president of HearPO/Contracting at Amplifon USA. Ms. Fusco oversees all aspects of Amplifon's third party contracting and audiology provider network. As a corporate based audiologist Michele will bring a valuable and unique perspective to BHI's practice development initiatives.