BHI Promotes National Kidney Month, World Kidney Day

February 6, 2012

Hearing loss commonly coexists with chronic kidney disease (CKD), chronic renal failure, and other kidney diseases. In an effort to encourage people with CKD and other diseases of the kidney to make hearing checks a routine part of their medical care, the Better Hearing Institute is participating this year in National Kidney Month in March and World Kidney Day on March 8th.

As published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, and highlighted on the National Kidney Foundation web site, a team of Australian researchers found that older adults with moderate chronic kidney disease have a higher prevalence of hearing loss than those of the same age without CKD.

These research findings, along with other documented studies, underscore the importance of making hearing checks a routine part of the medical care of people with kidney disease. We hope that by participating in National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day we will raise awareness of the link between hearing and kidney health. We believe that if more people with CKD get earlier and more frequent hearing tests, their hearing loss can be addressed and their quality of life improved.

BHI encourages all hearing healthcare professionals across the country to join us in our efforts. Listed below are some things you can do to help raise awareness of the importance of kidney health and hearing health during National Kidney Month and/or World Kidney Day.

  • Organize a hearing screening in your community in recognition of National Kidney Month and/or World Kidney Day.
  • Hand out kidney disease and hearing health information within your practice and local community, including materials developed by the National Kidney Foundation and a BHI fact sheet on kidney disease and hearing health.
  • Issue a press release; BHI has developed a press release template that hearing healthcare professionals may use to promote their practice.
  • Send information through listservs.
  • Hang posters from the National Kidney Foundation’s “Love Your Kidneys” public education campaign in your office and on bulletin boards in your community. They are available for download under our 2012 Chronic Kidney Disease resource page.

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