Dr. Richard Tyler Joins Advisory Council as BHI Tinnitus Expert

February 13, 2008

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Tyler has joined our advisory council as our expert on tinnitus. Dr. Tyler was trained as a clinical audiologist at The University of Western Ontario and then completed a Ph.D. in Psychoacoustics at The University of Iowa. He worked initially at the Institute of Hearing Research in the United Kingdom and is currently a Professor in both the Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery and in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Iowa. He became interested in tinnitus early in his career while working with Professor Ross Coles. His scientific work includes the quantification of tinnitus as well as the investigation of different treatments. Dr. Tyler sees tinnitus patients weekly, and hosts an annual Tinnitus Treatment Workshop every September for clinicians, patients and researchers. He has also been the co-principal investigator of a 20-year NIH-funded study of cochlear implants, and is particularly interested in binaural hearing. He is widely published and has served as editor of five books including an early book on cochlear implants (Cochlear Implants - Audiological Foundations), and three on tinnitus. The tinnitus books include foundational concepts (Tinnitus Handbook), practical approaches (Tinnitus Treatment Protocols) and a self-help book due for release in April 2008 (Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus, Auricle Ink Publications).

Dr. Tyler has started his BHI advisory role by re-writing the short Tinnitus write-up for our website. In the future he will be partnering with BHI on the following:

  • Writing a comprehensive eGuide titled "Your Guide to Tinnitus"
  • Designing a poll for hearing health professionals on tinnitus mitigation
  • Designing accurate press statements regarding the mitigating impact of hearing aids on tinnitus
  • Assisting with a national study in MarkeTrak VIII (November 2008) on tinnitus

Dr. Tyler's participation in our advisory council is important when you consider that 40% of adults choose not to visit a hearing health professional because they have concurrent hearing loss and tinnitus (source: MarkeTrak VII). If we can accurately educate the public on the role of the hearing health professional in tinnitus mitigation then they might seek out a hearing solution earlier in their life.

Google Search Now Available on BHI Website

The BHI website search engine is now powered by Google. You will find the search box in the top right portion of any web page. It will provide a search on all web pages as well as publications and PDF files.

Update - Validating the BHI Quick Hearing Check

In our January 4th newsletter we announced our intent to further validate the BHI Quick Hearing Check with the help of Dr. Ruth Bentler. We have received commitments to enter about 1,000 audiograms and speech test scores from hearing health professionals along with our Quick Hearing Check score. Please be advised that our request for this information is HIPAA compliant in that we do not ask for patient identifying information. We would like a sample size of about 5,000 subjects for this study and encourage hearing health professionals to participate at the following site:

If we can demonstrate its utility in predicting objective measures of hearing loss I am confident that we can get the attention of the medical community to incorporate this instrument during physical exams.

We will be providing five $100 prizes in a sweepstakes at the end of the data collection phase which we have extended through April 2008. We will accept audiograms up to 3 months old.

The Quick Hearing Check can be conducted online at If you need a pad of Quick Hearing Check (50) and will commit to at least 25 audiograms we will be glad to send you a complimentary pad. Simply Email Micah Spangler ( with your name and address.