2011 BHI Year in Review

February 13, 2012

CY2011 was another busy year for BHI. Here is a summary of our accomplishments.


# 2 BHI Glasses 1_2 Page Magazine.jpgThe BHI had 5,709 media placements in print and online with media impressions of nearly 2 billion people. We issued 15 press releases highlighting the newest findings from MarkeTrak VIII and the link between hearing loss and other health and quality of life issues.

We ran an Internet Banner advertising campaign bringing in 50,000 new visitors to the BHI website and ran a public service announcement in the Spring and Fall editions of USA Today's magazine "Your Life". The latter ran our PSA "Do Your Ears Need Glasses?", with the byline "When your ears ask for help, listen."

Our key partners in our PR campaigns were: Women’s Health Week – with U.S. Dept of Health and Human Resources, Men’s Health Month, American Diabetes Association, National Diabetes Day – with Intl Diabetes Foundation, CHADD –relationship between ADD/HDD and hearing loss, World Mental Health Day – depression, Better Hearing and Speech Month Council, AARP – Consumer trade show, HLAA, Alzheimer’s Association, World Heart federation and the National Kidney Foundation.


The BHI had 149 publications in print, electronically or on our web. The most notable were:

MarkeTrak VIII: Customer satisfaction with mini-BTEs, prevalence of tinnitus and treatment efficacy (co-authors Tyler and Born), economics of verification and validation, and the impact of hearing aids on benefit and quality of life changes.

eGuides: Your Guide to Care and Maintenance of Your Hearing Aids (Schow and Brocket); Your Guide to Tinnitus (Tyler).

Syndicated articles: Income study (2nd edition) and the link between hearing loss and chronic diseases.

Web Articles: Redesigned online hearing check leveraging the findings from our 11,000 subject validation and reliability study (co-authored with Bentler), value of self-help groups (Battat) and training your brain to listen with auditory retraining therapy (Sweetow).

Web Activity

Aesculapeus award small.jpgWeb traffic to the BHI website grew by 10% to 1.125 million visitors; in a typical month our visitors spend between 20 and 30 minutes reading our material. Our top pages and downloads in 2011 were our the BHI online hearing check and Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing aids.

Our sister advocacy site www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org contributed another 5,000 letters to Congress for hearing aid tax credits bringing the number of letters program-to-date to nearly 80,000 letters.

Our website received the 2011 Aesculapius Award of Excellence for excellence in health communication from the Health Improvement Institute.

In CY 2012 look for:
  • A new physician referral program: reimbursable hearing screenings
  • New eGuide - Your Guide to Hearing Loss Prevention
  • Enhancements to the BHI website for those ready to purchase hearing aids
  • Remaining MarkeTrak VIII articles: Influencing factors in hearing aid purchase intent, media habits of the hearing-impaired, reasons for hearing aid returns, sources of noise which bother hearing aid owners, Is there a link between hearing loss and traffic accidents?
  • More aural education articles and resources for consumers