BHI Year in Review

February 19, 2010

The BHI mission has been changed to “The Better Hearing Institute conducts research and engages in hearing health education with the goal of helping people with hearing loss to benefit from proper treatment.”

To support this mission we are focusing on three strategic initiatives and have made substantial progress in 2009:

  • Increasing our presence on the Internet
  • Expanding our always-important publications
  • Building partnerships with organizations both in and out of the hearing health industry
While we will continue to use the BHI trade-marked media tag-lines “Discover a world of better hearing” and “You should HEAR what you’ve been missing” we have also trademarked the media tag line “Advocates for America’s ears” to align with some of BHI’s key initiatives.

In Calendar year 2009:

  1. Our key media themes were:
    1. Economy and re-entry into job market
    2. Diabetes and hearing loss
    3. Dealing with denial
    4. Tax credits for hearing aids
    5. Women’s health
  1. Developed a new blogging site where industry experts shared their experiences and views in 7 topical areas. In 2009, 75 blogs were written.
  1. Web traffic to the BHI websites grew 17% to 866,000 visitors.
  1. We generated nearly 24,000 letters to the Hill in support of hearing aid tax credits on our sister site:
  1. The BHI had 112 publications the most notable being:
    1. MarkeTrak VIII - 25 year trends (Oct. 2009 HR)
    2. MarkeTrak VIII - Customer satisfaction with hearing aids (Jan. 2010 HJ)
    3. eGuide : ‘Your Guide to Financial Assistance for hearing aids”
    4. Continued aural education articles
    5. Increasing access to public places through inductive looping
    6. How to buy a hearing aid and an M4/T4 web listing of hearing aid compatible cell phones
    7. Mitigation of the effects of tinnitus with hearing aids
    8. OpEds on the importance of better hearing when re-entering the job market
    9. Supported the design and development of EuroTrak
  1. Had 3,873 media placements to an audience (impressions) of 1.37 billion people
  1. Formed new partnerships with:
    1. Sertoma
    2. U.S. Dept of Health and Human Resources (Women’s Health Week )
    3. Intl Diabetes Foundation (National Diabetes Day)
    4. Human Resources Executive Online (our first corporate outreach effort)
    5. American Tinnitus Association

In Calendar year 2010 look for:

  1. A community forum on the BHI website
  1. More from MarkeTrak:
    1. The impact of the hearing health professional on hearing aid user success (April 2010 HR)
    2. The impact of hearing loss on job performance (2nd edition)
    3. National study on prevalence of tinnitus and impact of treatment modalities including hearing aids
  1. eGuides on:
    1. Tinnitus
    2. Care and maintenance of hearing aids
    3. Hearing loss prevention
    4. Guide to home looping
  1. Radio public service announcements
  1. Internet banner advertising