BHI Redesigns Online Hearing Test

March 1, 2011

nIn an earlier communication we discussed the validaty, reliability and utility of the BHI Quick Hearing Check based on the results of an 11,000 person study conducted by Kochkin & Bentler and published in the November 2010 Hearing Review.  As a result of the success of this study we have completely redesigned our online hearing test to be more attractive and consumer friendly; in addition at the end of this 5 minute hearing test we provide the consumer with a customized printable report concerning their hearing loss status with recommendations.

In this redesigned format the consumer is presented with 15 situations or signs of hearing loss with a picture in the background representing the situation. The consumer indicates the extent to which that situation is a problem to them when not wearing hearing aids on a five point Likert Scale (Strongly agree - strongly disagree).

nAt the end of the exercise the consumer is presented with a customized printable report detailing the following information from our original study:

  • BHI quick hearing check score
  • Norm compared to the U.S. population with hearing loss
  • Estimated dB loss better ear – speech range
  • Estimated dB loss 5 tone – PTA both ears
  • Probability HL > 40 dB in both ears
  • Subjective classification of hearing loss based on consumer perceptions (note: standard audiological classifications were shown to be too conservative in the study)
  • Recommendation

We are recommending that every web site in the hearing health industry (audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, hearing aid manufacturers and non-profits) should consider linking to this online test at

 The BHI Quick Hearing Check is a “fun” self-identification tool that consumers can use—without embarrassment or stress—to assess their hearing status. It just might start them on their journey to better hearing!