BHI Publishes “Your Guide to Buying Hearing Aids”

March 14, 2010

Hearing test HEI (Large)With extensive input from the Better Hearing Institute’s advisory council the BHI has published a comprehensive 11 page consumer guide to buying hearing aids. The Guide is intended to help the typical consumer understand the steps in the hearing aid fitting process based on the most current thinking in the hearing health industry.

We have segmented the guide into six key phases:

  • Gathering information & scheduling the first appointment
  • Arriving for your first appointment
  • What to expect during your first appointment – Interview phase
  • What to expect during your first appointment – Assessment phase
  • What to expect during the hearing aid fitting
  • What to expect during the post-fitting follow-up and after care

The Guide also includes extensive hyper-linking on key topics on the BHI website including:

  • Definitions of hearing healthcare professionals
  • Guide to hearing aid technology
  • Getting the most out of your hearing aid
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Realistic expectations – the key to success

We welcome hearing health professionals to share this document with their patients.

Analgesics Found to be Ototoxic

analgetic_250x250Past BHI celebrity Shellie Beattie developed profound hearing loss as a child by ingesting a large amount of aspirin. Recent research has shown that all analgesics can contribute to hearing loss. In this landmark study aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen were shown to contribute to hearing loss; the worse being acetaminophen (e.g. one brand name is Tylenol). Please read my blog “An Aspirin a Day May not Keep the Doctor Away” at (under hearing loss) and visit our webpage on other ototoxic drugs (under ototoxic drugs). Hearing health professionals are advised to share this information with their patients.