BHI Unveils 2007 Print Public Service Announcement Campaign

March 15, 2007

The goal of the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is to elevate the importance of hearing in America through public and medical education. To this end the BHI unveiled its print public service announcement campaign to 7,000 magazines and newspapers across America. There are seven print ads all recommending that people with hearing loss visit a hearing health professional:

  • Equal rights for ears: when people have vision problems they get their eyes tested; correcting hearing should be as common place as vision correction. We have positioned BHI as Advocates for America's Ears.

  • Do your ears need glasses? When our vision becomes blurry we get them checked; when your ears need help, listen.

  • Hearing loss could lose you much more than you think: Four relationships are shown with the implication that poor hearing can impact that relationship. In four ads we show a grandmother and her grandchild on a carousel, a baby boomer couple in a café perhaps in Paris, grandparents cut off from their grandchild, and a baby boomer male cut off from his own birthday party. Our byline is "Give yourself the best ears of your life".

    Hearing well could make a bigger difference in your life than a second honeymoon. People who solve their hearing problems re-connect with those they love and bring back the joy to their relationships.

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