BHI Year in Review

March 17, 2008

BHI Year in Review

2007 was a very good year for BHI. Our main public relations tactics and strategies focused on:
  • A revitalized Better Hearing and Speech Month including a customizable press kit for hearing health professionals
  • A safety awareness campaign focusing on the importance of healthy hearing among caregivers of young children
  • Publicizing the impact of untreated hearing loss on household income
  • Targeting "Boomers" with chic open fit technology
  • Grassroots outreach on the tax credit bill
  • Working with CNN to get 3 major pieces placed on national TV and in physician offices
  • Our first print PSA program since 1999
  • Significant placements again of our PBS documentary across America
  • Completion of MarkeTrak VII publications and subsequent media attention to advocacy for children with hearing loss

Here are outcome highlights:

  • 2,977 print, TV and radio placements
  • Reaching an audience of 215 million people
  • With an equivalent ad value of $3.7 million

Search Engine Now Available on BHI Website

As the BHI website grows we have now added a powerful search engine to help the reader easily find topics and names of interest. You will find the search box in the top right portion of any web page. It will provide a search on all web pages as well as publications and PDF files.

Child Advocacy Campaign

You can expect a number of child advocacy initiatives from BHI this year, with the publication or our final MarkeTrak VII article entitled "Are 1 million dependents with hearing loss in America being left behind?" We have issued a press release on this topic in January and an article for syndication in the newsUSA network titled "Hearing loss treatment critical at an early age".