Increasing the Functionality of Hearing Aids in Your Community

One audiologist making a difference in her community

March 21, 2010

Peg SimonThe Hearing Wellness Center in Spring Lake, MI has looped over fifty public facilities in the community over the last five years. For owner and audiologist Peg Sass-Simon, there's no down side to being known as the “loop” lady.

  • Her patients hear better
  • The community is improved
  • Business is great having increased 250% in 4 1/2 years without any sales promotions
  • Returns on T-Coil equipped hearing aids have been eliminated

Peg has become known throughout the community as the hearing professional that really cares about her patients. She is in business to help them hear everywhere! Watch her 7 minute YouTube video to find out how you can get your community "in the loop". Peg wants to share this video with all hearing health professionals as a means of stimulating initiatives in other communities across America.

Margaret (Peg) Sass-Simon spent the first part of her career working with a group of Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons after attaining her Masters degree in Audiology from Central Michigan University in 1985.  Feeling a need to find a better solution to help all people with hearing loss, Peg established the Hearing Wellness Center in 2004 and the non-profit Hearing Wellness Organization in 2010.

Her husband and business partner Terry Simon received his Industrial Engineering Degree from Michigan State University.  He worked his way through the engineering discipline into product and business development.  He holds nine patents and one software copyright. Terry is the owner of Wireless Hearing Solutions and the creator of the induction loop systems manufactured by inLOOP.

Many hearing health professionals across America are now beginning to loop their patient’s homes, living rooms, and/or recreational rooms when they purchase hearing aids with spectacular results.

So look for “Your Guide to Home Looping” from the BHI in the future.