Models of Best Practices in Hearing Aid Fitting

March 23, 2011

We have developed a new section on the BHI website for hearing health professionals on Best Practices (Section head - Best Practices); this will be a repository for hearing aid fitting protocols from the professional associations as well as shared submissions from those in clinical or private practice. Initially we have included in this section: adult hearing aid fitting guidelines from AAA, ASHA and the Washington University checklist (Dr. Michael Valente).  In addition we have linked to our most recent publication on the impact of the hearing healthcare practitioner on hearing aid user success and BHI's Guide to Buying Hearing aids for consumers.

Ray JonesRay Jones, a Better Hearing Institute Board member, has graciously agreed to share his 44 page employee manual titled The Jones Gold Standard for Patient Management. This has been his work in progress over the last 10 years; when you see it I think you will agree that it is more a labor of love.  I think most of the hearing health industry has heard of Ray and his wife Irene who successfully own and operate 48 audiology and hearing aid practices in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico with over 130 employees.  His nephew Richard Davila II uses the same patient management standards at Livingston Hearing Aid Center in 27 locations in Texas and New Mexico.

Ray believes  that every practice interested in providing the best outcomes for its patients must have a gold standard of care.  After more than 40 years in business he was led to a gold standard after finding a great number of his patients were reporting mediocre benefit from their hearing aids. His goal, which he instills in his employees, is to improve the benefit and utility of hearing aids; and his leadership assures that these standards of patient care are enacted uniformly across all his audiology and hearing aid practices.

Ray and his team carefully deliberated over each procedure contained in the employee manual. As you review his manual you will see that it is also a teaching manual detailing to each employee answers to the question "why am I doing this procedure?"

By implementing uniform best practices Ray believes that extraordinary user satisfaction can be achieved and that everything matters!

We welcome other practitioners to share their hearing aid fitting protocols and patient management practices so that we can add it to our new section. Please submit to Sergei Kochkin at