Better Hearing and Speech Month 2008 Campaign
Across America Hearing Check Challenge

April 7, 2008

For Better Hearing and Speech Month, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is inviting all hearing health professionals nationwide to help kick off the Across America Hearing Check Challenge. This nationwide campaign will help millions of Americans face up to unaddressed hearing loss. Simply by visiting and completing a 15-question self-screener, anyone can easily take the first step in addressing hearing loss. 50% of adults with hearing loss, according to MarkeTrak VII, have never had their hearing professionally tested. Access to a simple 5-minute screener may provide enough motivation for them to visit a hearing health professional for in-depth testing or an objective hearing screening.

Download our 2008 hearing health professional local media kit at the following link It consists of the following:

  • Customizable press release for hearing health professionals
  • Backgrounder on hearing health
  • News feature article: "Hear Your Best and Look Great at the Same Time: Miss America Shares Seven Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked"
  • Key messages for interviews with reporters
  • BHI screening audiogram form (NEW)
  • BHI quick hearing check

For Better Hearing and Speech Month, BHI To Unveil Hearing Aid Tax Credit Website

Currently we are working on the development of a focused website titled This website will permit people to write or email letters to their Senators and Representative by simply entering their name, address and zip code. With the site's direct letter function it will be faster and easier than ever for people to demonstrate support of tax credits for hearing aids. We will unveil the website as well as strategies for channeling millions of support letters to the Hill in the next edition. So watch your emailbox for this key initiative!