Better Hearing Month 2012: Promoting the Value of Hearing Health in the Workplace

April 11, 2012

noneToday, more than half of America’s employers use wellness programs to help improve employee health and productivity, lower healthcare costs, and create a corporate culture of wellness that helps drive profitability.

For this year’s Better Hearing Month, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is reaching out to America’s employers to help ensure that they recognize the value of hearing health in the workplace and to encourage them to include hearing health in their wellness programs.

As hearing health professionals, we know that when hearing loss is appropriately acknowledged and addressed, it does not have to interfere with job performance, earnings, or quality of life. And there are simple things that employers can do to assist their employees with unaddressed hearing loss that will benefit all concerned. Including hearing health in their wellness programs is an important first step.

We encourage all hearing health professionals nationwide to join in the effort. Our 2012 local media kit consists of the following:

Other resources

  • Online Hearing Test Study: The Validity and Reliability of the BHI Quick Hearing Check (Kochkin & Bentler, 2010)
  • Income and hearing loss studyMarkeTrak VIII: The efficacy of hearing aids in achieving compensation equity in the workplace
  • Consumer BHI BrochureFrequently Asked Questions About Hearing Loss
  • BHI Quick Hearing Check (paper and pencil form with NCOA study norms)

We thank you for participating in this year’s Better Hearing Month outreach!