Better Hearing Institute to Reinstitute Speakers Bureau

May 11, 2007

Based on requests from more than a thousand hearing healthcare professionals the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) will be developing a scripted professional consumer outreach talk in 2007. This speech is intended to introduce the hearing healthcare practitioner?s services and products to the general public; a companion speech for medical practices will be developed in 2008.

In the 1980?s the BHI developed a 35 mm slide presentation which was synched to a voice over. This talk was popular but difficult to execute because of the required audiovisual equipment. With modern computer technology including laptops, light projectors and software such as PowerPoint, effective customizable consumer outreach talks are now within reach of all hearing healthcare practitioners.

As a first step in the process of developing such a talk for hearing healthcare practitioners I will be reviewing existing consumer presentations and putting together a team of experts at BHI to help design and test the outreach talk.

I would appreciate a review copy by email of existing PowerPoint presentations currently being used to promote hearing healthcare practices. In addition if hearing healthcare practitioners would like to give early input in terms of their needs please send all sample presentations and commentary to: with the subject heading ?Speakers Bureau?.


Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Better Hearing Institute

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