Good Practices = Good Outcomes

May 21, 2010

Impact of the Hearing Healthcare Professional on Hearing Aid User Success

Our latest article in the Market VIII series is now available for download. Co-authored by Sergei Kochkin, PhD; Douglas L. Beck, AuD; Laurel A. Christensen, PhD; Cynthia Compton-Conley, PhD; Brian J. Fligor, ScD; Patricia B. Kricos, PhD; Jay B. McSpaden, PhD; H. Gustav Mueller, PhD; Michael J. Nilsson, PhD; Jerry L. Northern, PhD; Thomas A. Powers, PhD; Robert W. Sweetow, PhD; Brian Taylor, AuD; and Robert G. Turner, PhD, data from this study suggest that quality control at the point of dispensing has not kept pace with the industry's rapid technological improvements. A comprehensive protocol has a significant positive impact on hearing aid brand loyalty, utility of hearing aids, word-of-mouth advertising, satisfaction with benefit achieved, reduction of hearing handicap, and reduction of hearing aids in the drawer. As an example of information from this publication, the table below compares outcome measures for patients receiving a minimalist and comprehensive hearing aid fitting protocol.

Consumer Guide to Buying Hearing Aids Available

With extensive input from the Better Hearing Institute's advisory council the BHI has published a comprehensive 11 page consumer guide to buying hearing aids which is now available in eGuide format. The Guide is intended to help the typical consumer understand the steps in the hearing aid fitting process based on the most current thinking in the hearing health industry.