Using BHI's NAPS Article on Hearing Loss and Income Loss for Local Promotion

July 03, 2007

As many of you are aware the BHI conducted an extensive study on 44,000 households demonstrating that untreated hearing loss has a significant impact on earnings, as much as $23,000 per year on average depending on severity of hearing loss. More importantly hearing aids were shown to mitigate the effects of income loss on average by 50%.

Since 2/3 people with hearing loss are below retirement age it is important that we teach the general public about the consequences of untreated hearing loss on job performance. This year the BHI has concentrated its efforts on people with hearing loss still in the workforce and I urge you in joining us in this repositioning of hearing healthcare. I think one of the best ways we can improve people's lives with hearing loss is to improve their communication skills on the job through the appropriate use of hearing solutions. This will lead to improved communication and therefore more on-the-job satisfaction and rewards. I will be sharing a number of our initiatives and outcomes over the next couple of months. I wanted to bring to your attention the placement results so far of our NAPS (National American Precis Syndicated) article Money Matters: Hearing Loss May Mean Income Loss. Since its release the end of March it has generated the following number of placements: 252 newspaper articles in 18 different states with a readership of 16,845,536.

I believe that this story is big enough that with your help it could achieve more than a 1,000 placements. We have created a monitoring report so that hearing healthcare professionals can see if the article has printed in their local neighborhood. If it has not yet been placed in your local newspaper, you can influence the editor to print it. The editor can find the article at the following website: by searching on "hearing loss" or "Money Matters" or alternatively you can print off the article from the BHI website and bring it to the editor. Perhaps even place your personalized ad by this NAPS article.

Hearing health professionals are permitted to use and appropriately edit this article to promote their practice. To view how some hearing health professionals are using this article as an advertisement for their practice click on the examples below:

  1. The first example embeds the hearing health professional's contact information under the NAPS release.

  2. In the second example the hearing health professional removes BHI contact information and places his practice phone number in the article encouraging the reader to come in for a hearing evaluation.

Finally we are now offering a one page color flyer on the income study which can be used as a direct mail piece

The link between hearing loss treatment and success on the job is a story which should not go away. Please join us in helping reach people with untreated hearing loss who are still in the work force. Let's help them while they are in the prime of their lives.

Sergei Kochkin
Executive Director
Better Hearing Institute