New BHI Press Publications

July 8, 2009

New hearing aid tax credit OpEd
Our new OpEd piece in support of the hearing aid tax credit legislation titled "Washington Can You Hear Me?" was released to the NAPS syndicated news service in June.

Hearing health professionals are encouraged to influence local editors to place this article in their newspapers.

Hearing loss and job interviewing
To encourage people with hearing loss to be competitive in a tough economy we have written an OpEd piece titled "What's that? Hearing Loss Affects Your Ability to Get a Job". It was released to the syndicated news service ARAcontent in May. Since May it has been placed 302 times to an audience of 5 million people.

Hearing aids and tinnitus mitigation
Our article on the use of hearing aids to mitigate the impact of tinnitus was released to the syndicated news service ARAcontent in January 2009. The article titled "Constant ringing in your ears? Hearing aids offer hope" has been placed 573 times to an audience of 15.8 million. Our 2009 MarkeTrak VIII database has arrived and contains tinnitus prevalence data on 46,000 households. In addition we have received detailed information on more than 3,200 hearing aid owners and 4,300 hearing-impaired non-owners regarding the impact of tinnitus on their lives as well as the mitigating effects of various treatment modalities including hearing aids. So look for publications on this topic in the future from the BHI.

Pediatric Hearing Loss
With the help of our pediatric advisory council we have published an OpEd piece titled "Hearing loss: Ensuring your child is not a statistic" in the May edition of Parent Guide News. The goal of this article is to raise awareness among parents on the impact of untreated hearing loss on their children and to advise them on what to do if they suspect their child has hearing loss.


As in the past hearing health professionals may use these press articles to promote their practices. To view rules for promoting your practice using BHI material and to see how your peers are using this material please visit our clipping database.