BHI Redesigns Hearing Healthcare Professional Resources on their Website

July 18, 2011

none Since the opening of the new BHI in 2005 the resources for hearing healthcare professionals has grown dramatically on the BHI website. Many of the public relations tools on the BHI website are designed to help audiologists and hearing instrument specialists promote their practice at a local level in line with our national public relations campaigns. On the hearing healthcare professional website we continue with our four core areas: HHP resources, physician referral program, celebrity referral and peer mentoring program.

none To make resources for hearing healthcare professionals more accessible the HHP resources section is now accessible by clicking on an icon in 19 areas:

  • Videos (e.g. tour of the ear)
  • Instruments (e.g. MarkeTrak survey)
  • Public relations campaigns ( e.g. diabetes, men's health week)
  • BHSM (historical Better Hearing and Speech Month campaigns)
  • Promoting your practice (sample media clippings using BHI material designed to promote hearing healthcare practices locally)
  • BHI written PR (Opinion editorials and syndicated articles on various hearing loss related topics such as hearing loss and income loss, hearing loss and safety, etc.)
  • Tax credit legislation (resources for advocating tax credits for hearing aids)
  • Best Practices (Hearing aid fitting protocols and papers)
  • Place of worship (Guide to looping places of worship)
  • Tinnitus (Readings in tinnitus management)
  • CEU courses (PowerPoint presentations by Sergei Kochkin)
  • BHI Publications (Current publications by the BHI such as MarkeTrak)
  • Publication archives (Publications by Sergei Kochkin pre-2004)
  • eGuides (Downloadable consumer publications in PDF form such as Your Guide to Better Hearing)
  • Hearing Health News (notable news from around the world)
  • Technology Updates (Press releases from hearing aid manufacturers on new technology)
  • BHI  eNewsletters
  • Quotes (Database of about 100 famous quotes on hearing loss, ears and listening)
  • Factoids (Database of short facts about hearing loss and hearing solutions)