25 Years of MarkeTrak - The Highlights

July 20, 2012

Few people are aware that the 1984 HIA survey served as the model for the development of the MarkeTrak survey starting in 1988. When I first came into the industry I summarized this ground-breaking research in Hearing Instruments, a publication which is no longer in existence. Interested readers are invited to read my summary of that research.

MarkeTrak has been conducted eight times with numerous publications coming out of that body of research. We thought it would be useful to summarize the highlights of this research in Dr. Gus Mueller's 20Q format in the June and July editions of Audiology Online. Among the topics covered in these 40 Q & A's are:

1. Origin and purpose of MarkeTrak
2. Methodology used including segmentation
3. Range of topics studied
4. Hearing aid adoption rate and viable market for hearing aids
5. Key demography
6. Key barriers to hearing aid adoption and expediting demand for hearing aids
7. Importance of the physician and physician marketing
8. The issue of stigma
9. Price elasticity and the issue of value
10. Consumer satisfaction trends
11. Impact of hearing health professional on consumer satisfaction
12. Hearing aid utility and multiple environmental listening utility (MELU)
13. Impact of hearing aids on quality of life
14. The future

Both those articles are now available for download. For those interested, both articles are offered for continuing education units from a variety of national and international professional associations through AudiologyOnline.