Can Hearing Aids Improve Your Golf Game?

August 3, 2007

Arnold Palmer actually said hearing aids improved his golf game on Project Health Radio a nationally syndicated program which is heard across the U.S. When you consider the link between income loss and untreated hearing loss and now improved golf games can you think of a better way of overcoming stigma!
Our goal at BHI is to capture important media appearances by BHI on our web. We have created a media page which captures noteworthy radio and television interviews. We invite you to review some of them at your convenience. Here are some recent additions:


Project Health Radio – Now Hear This.  (Aired in November and December 2006). Dr. Sergei Kochkin discusses the impact of untreated hearing loss on quality of life, diagnosis of hearing loss and recent advancements in treatment. Tom Shaer visits with American icon Arnold Palmer about his personal experience with hearing loss and how he treated his hearing loss with hearing aids.  Arnie explains how hearing aids have improved his quality of life, including actually helping his golf game!


Retirement Living Network: Advanced digital hearing aid technology. This segment aired December 14, 2006 on Retirement Living Network and Comcast. Renowned gerontologist Dr. Alexis Abramson on her lifestyle show Daily Apple interviews Dr. Sergei Kochkin on advanced directional digital hearing aids.


Video News Release – Better Hearing & Speech Month.  Portions aired in May and June 2007. Dr. Sergei Kochkin discusses the impact of untreated hearing loss on income. Featuring Dr. Paul Pessis, Past-President of the American Academy of Audiology along with three of his successful baby boomer clients. Portions of this video news release aired on more than 300 TV stations and 250 radio stations.


MedUpdate as shown on CNN, MSNBC and CNBC: Hearing Loss and Income Loss – Better Hearing & Speech Month (May 22, 2007). This one minute medical update features portions of BHI’s video news release on the link between hearing loss and income loss as part of our Better Hearing and Speech Month campaign in May 2007.


WGN TV: Hearing Less, Earn Less (May 1, 2007). WGN aired nationwide the linkage between hearing loss and income loss based on BHI research (47 seconds). While they have the information wrong in this newscast (e.g. people with untreated hearing loss earn half what hearing aid users earn), never-the-less it is a powerful message with a large audience.

In our next newsletter we will show you two BHI collaborative efforts with CNN to effectively reposition hearing healthcare to younger audiences.