Wanted - Stories to Leverage Safety Concerns in Promoting Hearing Aids

August 17, 2012

According to MarkeTrak (March 2012, Hearing Review) the second most important psycho-social issue (behind stigma) which would expedite adoption of hearing aids is, if consumers thought their hearing loss impacted their safety or the safety of others. In addition, 21% of non-adopters who are considering purchasing hearing aids in the next year indicated "safety concerns" motivated them.

To date the BHI has one syndicated article (based on a true story) which has placed very well in the media: "Is your child safe when grandpa can't hear?".  Past examples, showing how safety has been leveraged in the media using BHI material can be found on the BHI website, under safety media clippings.

We want to develop more. However, we need real stories. We would be most appreciative if hearing health professionals would send true stories, in which a safety concern from your patients motivated them to get their first hearing aids from you.

Please send all stories direct to Sergei Kochkin, Executive Director, Better Hearing Institute at skochkin@betterhearing.org.

Please provide as much detail as possible about the patient and the critical safety incident other than identifying information. We are hoping this query will result in more safety stories which we can leverage in the media.