BHI publishes new eGuide on hearing loss prevention

August 23, 2012

We are pleased to announce our new eGuide, "Your Guide to Prevention of Hearing Loss from Noise", by Dr. Brian Fligor.  This 12 page consumer guide explains how noise contributes to hearing loss and tinnitus and how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. This is our eighth eGuide. Previous eGuides include:

  • Your Guide to Tinnitus
  • Your Guide to Buying Hearing Aids
  • Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids
  • Your Guide to Better Hearing
  • A Guide to Your Child's Hearing
  • Your Guide to Hearing Aids
  • Your Guide to Care and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

About the Author
Brian Fligor, ScD, is Director of Diagnostic Audiology at Boston Children’s Hospital and Instructor in Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School. His primary research interests are investigating causes of acquired hearing loss from ototoxicity and noise. Publications describing factors associated with hearing loss from medical interventions have helped shape recommendations by the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (2007) and proposed new ototoxicity grading scales for patients treated with chemotherapy. Dr. Fligor is a member of the Children’s Oncology Group and founder and past-chair of the Music-induced Hearing Disorders taskforce for the National Hearing Conservation Association. Dr. Fligor’s work on potential for noise-induced hearing loss from using portable media players with headphones has received considerable popular media attention, including being spoofed on David Letterman’s show in 2005. He is principle audiologist for the Boston Children's Hospital Musicians' Hearing Program, a clinical service geared toward mitigating risk for music-induced hearing disorders (MIHD) and treating musicians with MIHD to help them continue to effectively perform in their chosen career.