Promoting Customer Satisfaction with Hearing Aids

September 2, 2011

According to MarkeTrak, 59 percent of non-adopters choose not to purchase hearing aids because, in their opinion, they do not work––for a myriad of reasons. Having completed our four-part series on consumer satisfaction with hearing aids in the MarkeTrak VIII series, we think it would be useful to counter the myth that hearing aids do not work. To this end, we are issuing a national press release on the key findings from these studies, as well as a local customizable press release so hearing healthcare professionals can promote hearing aids in their local communities. This press release leverages the following findings:

  • Customer satisfaction with hearing aids:  Overall satisfaction, satisfaction with benefit, and key listening situations.
  • Hearing aids and quality of life (QOL):  This is an improvement over the NCOA study, which inferred QOL changes by comparing adopters and non-adopters on a number of QOL factors. In this study we specifically asked consumers to rate how hearing aids changed their lives in 14 areas.
  • Impact of mini-BTE hearing aids:  Mini-BTE hearing aids, when compared to traditional hearing aids, improve cosmetics (e.g. visibility), sound quality, and multiple environmental listening utility.
  • Impact of the hearing healthcare professional:  Success with hearing aids is highly dependent on the skills and ability of the hearing healthcare professional. We advised consumers on how to identify quality hearing healthcare in our recent publication, "Your Guide to Buying Hearing Aids."

Hearing healthcare professionals are encouraged to download and use our customizable press release and media backgrounder "Hearing Loss in Today's Noisy World" to promote their practices: CY2011 Customer Satisfaction Campaign.

In the near future, we also will be issuing a feature article on this topic for wide syndication.