Hearing Aid Compatible Cell Phones

September 4, 2009

In the August 2009 Hearing Journal Editor David Kirkwood solicited the hearing healthcare community to write in the models of cell phones which work particularly well with hearing aids. In our March 8th eNewsletter we highlighted Janice Schacter’s article “How to buy a cell phone”.  Since posting that article we found that it was the single most downloaded article on the BHI website in our history. So obviously there is keen interest in steering the hearing aid consumer to cell phones which are most compatible with hearing aids.

In response to David Kirkwood we researched all M4/T4 cell phones and posted them on my blog (see www.betterhearing.org/blog under technology corner). Subsequently as a service to hearing aid owners and hearing healthcare professionals we have created a permanent page on the BHI website with all compatible cell phones (M4/T4 only) with hyperlinks to www.phonescoop.com enabling the consumer to further research the features of each cell phone as well as to discern the service providers for each cell phone model. This page will be updated periodically.

Hearing healthcare professionals are encouraged to print the M4/T4 cell phone page as a handout for their patients. While we cannot guarantee every one of these cell phones will work optimally with all hearing aid models, at least the consumer has a good starting point in shopping for a cell phone.