Communication Strategies & Other Downloads Available from BHI

October 9, 2007

Communication Strategies
The first in a series of aural rehab articles for the general public has been written for BHI by our new Advisory Board member, Dr. Patricia Kricos, University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida. Dr. Kricos considered one of the foremost experts in aural rehabilitation offers people with hearing loss a dozen communication strategies for coping with hearing loss as well as for optimizing the use of hearing aids. She offers advice for both the person with the hearing loss as well as the person communicating with the hearing-impaired individual. Hearing health professionals are permitted to copy this article as a hand-out to their patients or as an OpEd piece in their local media.

BHI Media Placements Available for Download
A number of hearing health professionals have asked for copies of our recent CNN placements on hearing loss to show in their offices. All BHI media placements are now available for download as Windows Media Files at the following link:

BHI Hearing Loss Prevention Public Service Video Available for Download
Utilizing the one minute video of the virtual tour of the ear we have created a video that we believe appeals to the YouTube and Myspace generation. This video which includes an opening Star Wars introduction takes us on a journey through the ear accompanied by quirky sounds of life. It is designed to be part of hearing health professional consumer outreach talks. Hearing health professionals are permitted to download and place this video on their own websites. This video can be downloaded from the hearing health professional web page at BHI: It is now showing on YouTube, Myspace and Google Video.