Promoting the Value of Hearing Aids in the Workplace

November 12, 2010

In our October 25th eNewsletter we summarized the remarkable positive results of the latest MarkeTrak VIII publicationThe efficacy of hearing aids in achieving compensation equity in the workplace” (Hearing Journal, October 2010).

We began the process of publicizing this study to 250,000 human resource executives through the Society for Human Resource Management.

We just released a syndicated public relations article to more than 25,000 media outlets using NAPS media distribution titled "Making Yourself Marketable - Hearing Better May Mean Earning More".

It is reprinted below and now available  on the BHI website for hearing health professionals to download and modify if necessary to promote their practices.  For examples of previous uses of BHI OpEd pieces used to promote individual hearing healthcare practices please visit our media clipping database.