Hearing Healthcare Professionals Promote Their Practice Using BHI Material

November 21, 2008

We have always encouraged hearing healthcare professionals (HHP) to use BHI material to promote their practice. In fact, our motto is "Steal our stuff." We exist to increase traffic into HHP offices because we believe this is the only way people will improve their quality of life if they have a hearing loss; however, this quality of life improvement cannot occur without measurable benefit.

To this end the BHI has developed a number of media ready articles on our website over the last couple of years for HHPs to freely use. Looking back over the last two years, we have assembled a portfolio of clippings to demonstrate how HHPs are using our material to promote their practice. Some are using our OpEd pieces, Better Hearing and Speech Month press kits, or publishing sections of our website in guest commentaries, letters to the editor or in advertorials.

The clippings are categorized into topical areas: Better Hearing & Speech Month, Boomers, Customer satisfaction with hearing aids, General all purpose, Hearing loss prevention, MarkeTrak, Myths, Occupational focus - income study, Pediatrics, Quality of life associated with hearing aids, Safety, Tax credits and Technology focus.

We have created a new section of the BHI website as a means of sharing these clippings. So see how your peers are using our material. As we find new and creative uses of our material, we will be adding to this clipping database. In using this material, I would like to reiterate the purpose of such material from a public relations aspect. The process of hearing aid adoption is a complex event. For a person to seek out a hearing solution (that is to visit you) a number of concurrent events, both perceptually and in reality, must occur:

  • First, the individual must recognize their hearing loss. It is my argument that this recognition must, in many cases, come independent of a person visiting your office. So for a person to come to your office for a free hearing test, they must have a reason in the first place. Thus, precursor evaluations, such as recognizing the signs of hearing loss or taking the Across America Hearing Check Challenge at www.hearingcheck.org, may motivate a person to come in for an objective hearing evaluation
  • Second, the individual must recognize that their hearing loss causes them problems. Without problem recognition, there cannot possibly be problem resolution. It is the responsibility of the hearing healthcare professional, in line with BHI, to help people recognize that they have a problem. No one method is going to work across all potential consumers. For some, due to their hearing loss, they jeopardized the safety of a child; for others, their marriage is on the rocks, or they are failing on the job; still others miss the aesthetic pleasures of life, such as music or the bubbling in their fish tank.
  • Third, assuming the problem is sufficiently disruptive to the quality of a person's life or that of their family, and the disruption is comprehended, their search for a solution must result in the formation of a reasonable probability that their problem will be sufficiently solved and that the solution will be a good value (e.g. I will get a better job, I will be safer, my relationships will improve, I will do better in school, my emotional life will improve, etc). In other words, the cost of the problem must exceed the cost of the solution for there to be any expectation of movement toward your practice. Again, this is our responsibility.
  • Fourth, it should be recognized that there are many issues obstructing an individual's movement toward a hearing solution. Some are perceptual and some are real. It is within our power to work on both via a superior consumer journey supplemented by positive impressions in the market place.

Holiday Press Release: BHI Urges Families to Help Loved Ones with Hearing Loss During the Holidays

Holidays can be an especially difficult and isolating time for people with unaddressed hearing loss. So this year, BHI is urging families across America to recognize the struggle that loved ones with hearing loss face and to help them stay close by taking the Across America Hearing Check Challenge and addressing the problem. The BHI has issued a holiday press release that we invite hearing health professionals (HHP) to modify to promote their practices during the holiday seasons. It can be used as a local press release, a feature article, a letter to the editor, an OpEd, a hand-out in practices or as a flyer in local coffee shops and grocery stores. 2008 will be a year to remember for many reasons. As an industry dedicated to promoting and protecting the hearing health of America, let's make the 2008 holiday season the year American families gave the gift of hearing.