Clear Speech, Legal Rights and Economics

December 7, 2007

Aural Rehab Article on Clear Speech  The second in a series of aural rehab articles for the general public has been written for BHI by Advisory Board member, Dr. Patricia Kricos, University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida. Dr. Kricos, considered one of the foremost experts in aural rehabilitation, offers people with hearing loss a succinct strategy for getting talkers to speak clearer increasing the chances that they will derive satisfaction from their hearing devices. Hearing health professionals are permitted to copy this article as a hand-out to their patients or use it as an OpEd piece in their local media.


Legal Rights of People with Hearing loss The majority of people with hearing loss in America are under retirement age and in the work force. We believe it is important that they understand their rights and that they are counseled with respect to existing law as well as accommodation for their hearing loss in the work place. A paper titled "Legal Rights of People with Hearing Loss" was written for BHI by attorney Sam Diehl, an attorney with the law firm of Gray Plant Mooty in Minneapolis, MN. He represents and advises employers in all areas of employment law and litigation. The article focuses on the ADA as well as EEOC regulations and gives the reader relevant sources for further information. A separate article in this series will summarize children's rights under IDEA legislation and is meant to be a guide to parents of children with hearing loss. As with all BHI articles hearing health professionals are encouraged to share this information with their patients.


Economics and the Cost of Hearing Health Care In MarkeTrak VII two out of three adults indicated that the cost of hearing health care was an obstacle to their getting adequate hearing healthcare. In a query of our databases, 4.5 million families (where there was an individual with an identified hearing loss) without hearing aids were at the poverty level. By far the number one letter we get at BHI is: "Where can I get help with purchasing hearing aids?" We have dedicated ourselves to developing a comprehensive database of resources for people with hearing loss (see Resources at We would appreciate it if you would review our advice to people with hearing loss who are economically disadvantaged and let us know if we missed possible financial resources. We kindly ask for your review of both our general article which we also have in our Guide to Better Hearing and our list of resources, which you can review at the following links:

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