New Holiday Press Release

December 8, 2009

To welcome in the New Year we have issued a press release titled “Study Finds Family Members Play Critical Role in Addressing Loved Ones' Hearing Loss:  Better Hearing Institute Urges Families to Make 2010 the Year of Better Hearing for Loved Ones”

This press release which includes some of the latest MarkeTrak data stresses the importance of the family in helping loved ones get treatment for their hearing loss, refers the public to our on-line hearing test, and continues our assault on denial.

Hearing healthcare professionals are encouraged to use this press release locally to promote their practices.

New eGuide on Financial Assistance

The Better Hearing Institute understands that treating a hearing loss can often seem difficult for those on limited incomes. In fact, of the thousands of phone calls and emails we receive every year, the majority concern this single topic. While BHI itself doesn’t manage an assistance program, we’ve responded to these inquiries with our newest eGuide publication: Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids

Available as a free eGuide on, “Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids,” will expose readers to the multiple charitable foundations, private organizations, insurance plans, corporate benefits, and government programs across the country that help people access the hearing healthcare they need. For instance, many people in the work place are not aware that they can achieve an extensive tax credit advantage by using their corporate medical flex dollar spending programs to purchase their hearing aids on a pre-tax basis. People in the 20% or higher tax bracket could achieve up to a $1,000 tax credit. We hope our new guide helps you and your patients locate the resources needed to treat their hearing loss.

MarkeTrak VIII: Available for download

A PDF version of our first installment in the MarkeTrak VIII research series titled “ 25-year trends in the hearing health market” is now available for download.

The complete survey in zipfile  (under Instruments) is also available for interested researchers. This zipfile contains the hearing loss screener and detailed 7 page legal size surveys for non-adopters and hearing aid owners. In addition it contains a list of detailed panel demography variables. The screener went to an 80,000 household panel and the detailed surveys to a random sample of 5,500 non-adopters and 3,789 hearing aid owners.