BHI Works with CNN to Reposition Hearing Healthcare

August 17, 2007

The Better Hearing Institute worked with CNN this summer resulting in two outstanding media placements on hearing healthcare in the month of June. Strategically the BHI believes that stigma can be reduced by producing effective public relations that repositions hearing healthcare away from the geriatric population. We have provided these two media clips for your viewing on our media page.


CNN Accent Health  AccentHealth is an exclusive television network that reaches 11.3 million health conscious viewers every month, in 10,800 doctors' waiting rooms nationwide on 32" flat panel TVs. A CNN AccentHealth feature on hearing loss and baby boomers aired throughout the month of June. The feature was repeated once every thirty minutes throughout the day in 3,000 physician offices within our targeted population to an estimated audience of 3.1 million people.

The programming, produced by CNN in collaboration with BHI is hosted by CNN's Robin Meade. With implied endorsement from the physician and a relevant, captive environment, research has shown that ad recall scores are twice as high as network and cable. This three minute documentary features interviews with renowned baby boomer psychologist Terry Real (discussing his own hearing loss and treatment with hearing aids), Dr. Arthur Wingfield of Brandeis University (on the link between hearing loss and memory loss) and Dr. Sergei Kochkin of the Better Hearing Institute (on the impact of hearing loss on quality of life).


CNN: Hearing Loss 30-40-50 This three minute clip hosted by Tony Harris and Elizabeth Cohen discusses the impact of noise on hearing and what people in their 30's, 40's and 50's should do to protect their hearing. It also discusses care and treatment for hearing loss with hearing aids. It features the journey of a young female baby-boomer with extremely positive messages about the hearing healthcare process and hearing aids. BHI MarkeTrak VII research on the hearing loss population is prominently displayed and discussed. These media clips can be viewed at media page.