Better Hearing Institute


Overview of Better Hearing Institute

BHI Archives (1973-1998)


November 1973
Dealers from CA, FL, D.C., MD, and Del. request BHI Films.
Prominent Americans encourage hard-of-hearing in new BHI booklet.

December 1973
Celebrity booklet offered to encourage hard of hearing
Hearing aid industry urged to use its effective channels
Oticongress, Virginia Dealers will view BHI film/TV spots
BHI offers CBBB Booklet: "Facts About Hearing Aids"
Hearing aid specialists preview first TV public service spots
NHAS invited to share in BHI direction

June 1974
NBC-TV approves BHI PSAs
Governor Wallace will make BHI public service spots
National public radio airs special five-part series on better hearing
NHAS leaders and PAC chairman hear BHI at Washington conference
Advertising council considers support for BHI I&E program
BHI will produce 16 new PSAs for top 100 TV/radio markets
PA NHAS chapter lauds BHI efforts at annual meeting in Harrisburg
NAHSA and BHI cooperation-PAC efforts make May best better hearing month ever.

March 1975
Sylvia Porter puts national focus on hearing loss and available help
NAHSA/BHI cooperate early on better hearing & speech month
NHAS "PACs" armed with hefty communication tools from BHI
Senior citizens focus of new BHI PSA
NAHSA's new TV and radio PSAs timed for heavy May airings
Norm Crosby and BHI president star on national Helen Hall Radio Show
Full-page reader's digest ad to plug better hearing month, available help
740 broadcasters cited by BHI for outstanding public service
New BHI Advisory Board will include hearing specialists, personalities
NHAS PAC conferees get helpful PR hints
BHI swamped with responses to Sylvia Porter's column
BHI honors Ralph Campagna for hearing help efforts

June 1975
Art Carney to make BHI public service spot
Kiwanis/BHI join forces to help senior citizens with hearing loss
NHAS PAC efforts: BHI-NAHSA "umbrella" spearhead biggest better hearing month
National public radio airs special BHI BHM interview
"Dinah Show" interviews Art Carney and Norm Crosby
NBC-TV makes extensive use of BHI better hearing month PSA
Board expands BHI programs
BHI "puppet" TV spot to be released
BHI "sounds" TV spot, radio PSA disc issued to county's key broadcasters.
H.A. specialists will get ready-to-use hearing help features, public service ads
NBC-TV lauds BHI "child" PSA

September 1975
New BHI "Art Carney" TV spot released to country's key broadcasters
BHI speakers bureau slide/tape presentation soon to premiere
5,500 newspapers receiving BHI "Quickie Quiz" on hearing loss
BHI "Teenager" spot scheduled for distribution in December
Good Housekeeping columnist focuses national attention on BHI, helpline
New BHI "Bicentennial sounds" TV PSA to be issued next March
Hearing aid magazine feature comprehensive articles on BHI

December 1975
BHI wins top award for television PSAs
New BHI slide/presentations hailed at HAIC/NHAS conference
Dr. Charles Gross appointed BHI Advisory Board Chairman
Best actor Art Carney/others in new BHI radio public service announcements
Hill/Trammel receive BHM achievement awards
BHI "Teenager" public service spot to be released to 400 key stations
NHAS PACs get helpful speakers program tips
BHI bombarded with responses to "Good Housekeeping" column
New BHI speakers bureau tool helps inform hearing impaired

March 1976
Larry Brown encourages hearing impaired in new BHI announcement
Hearing impaired tell others about hearing and hearing help in new BHI booklet
New BHI advisory board includes noted ear surgeons/celebrity
Actress Nanette Fabray honored by BHI
NHAS PACs rev up for better hearing month; Larry Brown appointed chairman of campaign
Joseph Lucke receives BHI President's Award
BHI "Bicentennial Sounds" TV PSA released to TV stations
Slide presentation becomes " best seller"
Art Carney PSAs outdraw others in early months
BHI board of directors meets in Chicago: elects new members/plans new programs
Karl Malden, "Streets of San Francisco" star will tape new BHI radio public service spots
Most active and effective PACs eligible for BHI's BHM awards

June 1976
Norm Crosby named BHI honorary chairman
Washington Redskin halfback Larry Brown kicks off May 1976 hearing help program
BHI "Sounds or Silence" booklet a sell-out
Brinkley/Higgins join new BHI advisory board
Special Larry Brown public service TV spot distributed to stations in top markets
Better hearing month 1976 most successful to date
Popular BHI "Child" TV announcement reissued this month to key stations

September 1976
BHI develops new series of TV public service announcements
ACO invited to join BHI in public hearing help information program
BHI proposes $2,200,000 program of hearing help education to HEW
New BHI booklet describes institute goals/programs
Hill/Tremmel wins BHM Award
Institute receives IRS 501© (3) classification
New BHI slide presentation targeted to senior citizens
BHI plans semi-annual directors' meeting to coincide with HAIC/NHAS conferences

December 1976
Norm Crosby will encourage hearing-impaired Americans in new BHI TV PSAs
BHI submits $2.2 million proposal to National Center for Health Education
"Hearing Instruments" presents BHI with distinguished service award
Art Carney-new format highlight "We Overcame Hearing Loss" booklet
Institutes awarded HAF Grant for better hearing month activities
New BHI "Alone in the Crowd" TV spots released
New BHI speaker presentation hailed at Chicago conferences
BHI/NAHSA meet in Washington to discuss closer cooperation
BHI unveils new program at NHAS/HAIC conferences
BHI gives presentation to local hearing associations

March 1977
BHI/NAHSA pool financial resources for super 1977 better hearing & speech month
Norm Crosby talks about hearing loss, BHI in Chicago Sun-Times interview
Washington Redskin Larry Brown speaks at Maryland hearing aid association ceremony
Nanette Fabray to kick off BHSM at National Press Club news conference
Norm Crosby, BHI National Chairman, promotes hearing help on "Tonight"

June 1977
Nanette Fabray "Mike Douglas Show" appearance helps launch better hearing and speech month
Fabray/House/Foster officially kick off campaign at BHI-sponsored news conference
Norm Crosby "Family Weekly" article focuses national attention on importance of hearing
Advertising council endorses BHI/NAHSA better hearing and speech month efforts
BHI hosts BHSM dinner at Gallaudet College
Bill Cosby "Fat Albert" show spreads hearing help message
BHI/NAHSA join forces for effective better hearing and speech month effort
Better Hearing Institute awards hearing aid to Sonja Heiser, national poster child runner-up
HIA members acclaim BHI program results
Full-page ad in May "Reader's Digest" plugs better hearing and speech month
Prominent Americans with hearing loss featured on eye-catching new BHI poster

September 1977
Comedian Bill Cosby exhorts hearing impaired to seek help in new BHI TV announcements
Norm Crosby narrates dramatic new BHI speakers bureau presentation
Nerve loss helped by hearing aids
Noise, hearing loss, and teenagers a topic in upcoming "American Girl"
BHI's "We Overcame Hearing Loss" series spans media spectrum from A-V to print
Institute commends FDA on new hearing aid regulations
BHI swamped with responses to "Family Weekly" article
Rizzo to give media seminar for NC Hearing Association
Richard Stone, California District 3 wins first place in 1977 BHSM contest
New BHI slide/cassette presentation features celebrity success stories

December 1977
TV stations get new BHI Bill Cosby spot
BHI receives grant
Celebrity booklet demand heavy, Knowles funds fifth printing
BHI plans new series of hearing help pamphlets
Teenagers alerted to hearing loss by "American Girl" noise article
New BHI slide/cassette presentation
Norm Crosby public service spot receives enthusiastic response
NHAS/HIA applaud BHI programs

March 1978
Singer Frankie Valli demonstrates courage, hope for hearing disabled
Hearing impaired get endorsement from actress Florence Henderson in new BHI TV public service message
Frankie Valli named chairman for 1978 better hearing month effort
BHI advisory board members authoring new series of hearing help booklet
A.G. Bell, BHI discuss avenues of public education cooperation
Ray-O-Vac promotes BHI material for better hearing month campaign
Sertoma and BHI plan joint hearing conservation effort
Institute seeks foundation funding
BHI board meeting

June 1978
Syndicated columnists encourages readers to contact institute about hearing help
Litton's Barney Oldfield commends BHI
Institutes class for increased awareness of dangers from excessive noise exposure
Congressional record twice report
Hank Raymonds, hearing-impaired MU coach accepts institute advisory board position
Institute director appear on PBS "Challenge"
BHI meets with ACO, NAHSA
Valli TV public service spot draws response
BHI visits MN area
Oldfield distributes SC speech
NY Hearing Association invites BHI to make media presentation
Campagna receives award

September 1978
Henry Fonda urges others to seek help in new BHI TV PSA ABC TV "Good Morning America" interviews BHI director, advisory board member
National print media focus on better hearing cause
Bill Cosby named top star presenter
Ray-O-Vac promotion of BHI presentation puts useful too into hands of hundreds
Frankie Valli receives institute "1978 International Achievement Award"
New Florence Henderson TV PSA released to major stations
BHI director Joe Rizzo featured on WRNG radio
Knowles sponsors first two in new BHI booklet series

December 1978
National weekly news magazine donates full page to institute
Henry Fonda lands new role as member of advisory board
National hearing Association to discuss better hearing month plans at BHI
BHI welcomes nominees for BHSM poster child
Institute awarded 3rd HAF Grant
U.S. employees receive better hearing advice
New Henry Fonda TV PSA released to stations
BHI prepares two new booklet on prevention and noise-induced loss

March 1979
National association pools resources to boost better hearing and speech month effort
Norm Crosby will represent council as national chairman of May campaign
BHI plans TV special with celebrities and people who overcame hearing loss
Barney Oldfield donates honoraria to BHI public service TV spot
National Press Club news conference to highlight BH&SM campaign
Crosby celebrity golf tourney to benefit better hearing institute
Joe Rizzo marathon for better hearing
BHI public information tools ready-to-use in BH&SM
Ray-O-Vac sponsors reprinting of BHI

June 1979
Best better hearing & speech month
"Quiet Year" campaign alerts Americans to hearing conservation
BH&SM news conference cites Carter
Council acclaimed for united BH&SM effort
Better Hearing Achievement Award presented to Richard P. de Camara
Jane Fonda cited for efforts to help hearing handicapped
"We Overcame Hearing Loss" booklet distributed
Crosby celebrity golf tournament honors better hearing institute
Hearing team support generates triumphant "Better Hearing Run"
HIA members acclaim BHI program results

September 1979
New television PSA stars Keenan Wynn
Charles E. Merrill Trust Grant strengthens "Hearing Helpline"
National hearing & speech organizations plan new united public education effort
BHI television PSAs slated for international symposium

December 1979
More organizations pool resources for stronger better hearing & speech month
Keenan Wynn television PSA released to TV stations
Crosby, Fabray, Valli, and Wynn star in new BHI TV film
Lilly endowment challenges BHI with $47,000 matching Grant for helpline
Valli hearing help story inspires many Americans

March 1980
"Today" brings Keenan and Marcy into millions of American homes
"Golden Chain" procession dramatizes better hearing & speech month kickoff
Advertising council endorses campaign of council for better hearing & speech month
Time, U.S. News, Newsweek approve free use of full-page council PSA
Council public education tools help local volunteers with BH&SM coverage
"Dallas" actress Charlene Tilton stars in new BHI TV PSA
"Quiet America" program to alert nation to hearing conservation
Bill Murray joins other celebrities in BHI TV film
BHI board acclaims program results

June 1980
"Today" brings Keenan and Marcy into millions of American homes
"Golden Chain" procession dramatizes better hearing & speech month kickoff
Advertising council endorses campaign of council for better hearing & speech month
Time, U.S. News, Newsweek approve free use of full-page council PSA
Council public education tools help local volunteers with BH&SM coverage
"Dallas" actress Charlene Tilton stars in new BHI TV PSA
"Quiet America" program to alert nation to hearing conservation
Bill Murray joins other celebrities in BHI TV film
BHI board acclaims program results

September 1980
Hearing and senior citizens, helpline set for October 27
21 National Organizations participate in better hearing and speech month meeting
Hearing helpline gets national exposure
BHI "Listen Up with Norm Crosby" film features 10 personalities
FDA, NRTA/AARP, BHI explore program on hearing aids for senior citizens
New teletype information service boosts hearing helpline program
Hollywood and sports personalities spark Crosby "Help America Hear!, Golf Classic Charlene Tilton television PSA promotes noise abatement, helpline, hearing help

December 1980
Institute wins top award for TV public service message
"Incredible Hulk" to strengthen better hearing and speech month
Charlene Tilton PSA released to TV networks
BHI seeks help of State Chapters with public information projects
TV promotions unleash barrage of hearing helpline inquiries

March 1981
Hearing and speech…building strength in our lives
Dr. Howard House heads National Advisory Board
Manufacturers, suppliers broaden BHI support base
Sarah Halpert symbolizes National campaign for hearing and speech
Network TV, Associated Press, "People" start nationwide council media coverage
Ferrigno, Sarah star in council's first TV PSA
"Incredible Hulk" episode places national focus on hearing, speech

June 1981
President Reagan, Secretary Schweiker boost better hearing and speech month
Millions see Lou and Sarah in NBC-TV "Today" interview
"Dallas" airing of BHI PSA worth $296,000
Modern satellite network airs BHI TV film
Dr. Art Ulene tapes Tinnitus TV feature
Ferrigno inspires deaf children at Washington kickoff ceremonies
NBC, CBS networks approve TV PSA use, advertising council endorses campaign
Council public education tools help volunteers with BH&SM coverage
Council honors Ferrigno, Sarah, members for successful efforts
CBS-TV network use of Charlene Tilton PSA
Grandma's marathon will be a "Run for Better Hearing"
BHI elects Burger, Dr. Gross president and vice-president

December 1981
Actress Florence Henderson stars in TV PSA for AAO and BHI
International Film and TV Festival acclaims BHI educational film
Nanette Fabray named Chairman for better hearing and speech month
22 organizations pledged to council program
PBS plans third network showing of "Over Easy" helpline program
BHI PA chapter forms; Kansas and Missouri Map plans

March 1982
Hugh Knowles honored for help to hard of hearing
Major consumer magazines donate space for BHI public service ad
Wynn stars in new TV PSA, CBS film with Bette Davis
Tinnitus calls swamp helpline result of Lou Farrago TV PSA
Fonda, Greene, Wynn among stars slated for new celebrity booklet
"Fine Tuning Your Life" theme of hearing and speech TV PSA
Network TV, Associated Press start nationwide council media coverage

June 1982
Reagan helps BHSM council launch strongest campaign
Nanette and Greg lead parade to White House
Florence Henderson TV PSA set for July release by AAO and BHI
22 major magazines ok BH&SM ad
Secretary Schweiker boosts council BH&SM campaign
Council information tools help volunteers with local coverage
Asner TV PSA released to major networks, local stations
BHI info tools catalog made possible by Activair
BHI film gains new distributor, shown at State Association meetings
Time Magazine gives $78,123 in free space to single ad
Keenan Wynn scores in better hearing role

September 1982
Knowles sponsors first BHI PSA in "Typical American" TV series
Activair promotes BHI aids for hearing health team
Lorne Greene to lead council's public education campaign
Wynn story in major papers, PSA set for October release
California Association first to vote gift based on annual funds

December 1982
Burt Reynolds stars in new BHI TV PSA
Phyllis Diller BHI TV PSA made possible by Ray-O-Vac grant
Valli ad runs in U.S. News, Newsweek; Time, Family Circle
Bob Hope will acknowledge hearing help in BHI TV PSA
"Hill Street Blues" star Keil Martin joins award-winning TV PSA series
Jeanne Broenen named new BHI board member
34,000 get info from BHI staffers
New PSA series will debut in January, premieres at AAO, NHAS meetings
"Sharing Life through Hearing and Speech" theme for council's national effort
27 organizations join United Council Program

March 1983
Telephone pioneers adopt hearing, will co-sponsor TV PSA with BHI
Activair grant for hope PSA marks 6th to BHI in 3 years
Diller, Hope, Reynolds PSAs to premier at HIA meeting
BHI releases first PSA in "Typical American" series
Typical hearing help cases focus of reprinted brochure
AP laser photo previews BH&SM with photo 1,200 newspapers
TV, Magazine messages keys in public service campaign
Goodyear blimp will help better hearing and speech
Burt Reynolds PSA released to major networks
BHI moves into high gear after record year in 1982
Fifth "Run for Better Hearing" features Boston, Duluth races
California Association again votes "Model" support for institute

September 1983
"Hill Street Blues" star Martin joins magazine public service series
BHI plans tenth anniversary PSA featuring 10 program celebrities
"We Overcame Hearing Loss" exceeds million circulations
Ossicular chain gang "Hat Trick" triples support for BHI projects
Phyllis Diller PSA released to TV Networks and stations
National chairman Keenan Wynn awarded TDD unit for institute
Fifth "Run for Better Hearing" draws record team support
Original "Hearing Helpline" marks 10th year of service

December 1983
Lorne Greene honored for hearing education efforts
Phyllis Diller will lead 1984 campaign for better hearing and speech
President Reagan boosts better hearing
Ball elected honorary president by Hearing & Speech Consortium
28 organizations cooperate in council BH&SM program
Major consumer magazines give space to BHI public service ad
Telephone pioneers follow up release to Keil Martin TV PSA
OSAs, President's hearing aid spur hearing helpline inquiries

March 1984
Jack Klugman stars in TV PSA for AAO, BHI
BHI elects new directors
California Association urges others to adopt "Model" BHI support
"Spreading Laughter through Hearing and Speech" in '84
AP/UPI boost BH&SM with photos to 1,200 newspapers
First color council poster heads 1984 campaign ads
TV, magazine messages spark new public service campaign

June 1984
Phyllis Diller, "Muffy" launch strongest council program
Reagan message released at Washington kickoff ceremony
Local volunteers bolster effort with council information tools
Record 51 magazines accept council public service ad
Record media exposure marks better hearing and speech month
Local TV stations donate many hours to Council PSA
Ferrigno Stars in new TV PSA co-sponsored by BHI and ADA
CBS doubles network exposures for TV public service messages
235 telecasts reported for film on noise, hearing help
Hearing health team joins Duluth better hearing run

September 1984
"Sugar Babies" star Ann Miller joins magazine public service ad series
BHI Chairman Wynn stars in ABC-TV "Call to Glory" series
Florence Henderson will lead council's 1985 public education campaign
Gold medalist Jeff Float to help others with hearing loss
New book on hearing loss gets Wynn-ing foreword
Ray-O-Vac funds reprinting of popular nerve deafness booklet
"Today" Show's Dr. Ulene joins BHI advisory board
"Hearing Helpline" marks 11th year of service
Better hearing run wins united support
LTI employees give special donations

December 1984
"Sentimental Sounds" TV appeal seeks aid for hearing research/awareness
Clara beefs up better hearing in new TV PSA for BHI
Hearing helpline refines program
Gold medalist Jeff Float receives award
Smithsonian honors Ann Miller, new star of magazine PSA series
BHI board members active at AAO/NHAS meetings

March 1985
Clara Peller TV PSA premieres at hearing industries meeting
Major magazines to donate space for better hearing
Hearing helpline "Goes to Dogs" after parade magazine feature
Meetings with major supporters provide valuable input for BHI
Ohio's Nancy Jones personifies hearing and speech campaign
"Sentimental Sounds" TV appeal premieres this month in Minn.

June 1985- Vol. 13 #2
Crosby stars in new PSA sponsored by NHAS
Florence Henderson, Nancy Jones launch May effort of BH&SM council
Time, US News, Parent's donate $95,750 to hearing help PSAs
President's committee honors Drs. Howard and William House
Activair sponsors new BHI booklet
Burger cites "Model" support by California hearing association
Duracell sponsors new printing of "We Overcame Hearing Loss"
Delta Zeta Sorority host public education workshops
Run for better hearing generates united support for BHI projects

June 1985- Vol. 13 #3
Personalities tell their stories in most popular BHI publication
Booklet featured typical people who benefited from hearing help
Inspirational booklet encourages hard-of-hearing to seek help now
Celebrity success stories featured in slide/cassette speakers package
Help for sensorineural loss emphasized in BHI pamphlet
Local speakers presentation targeted to senior citizens
Head noises, ring-in-the-ears addressed in Tinnitus booklet

September 1985
Major magazines publish BHI PSAs, Time gives full page to Miller ad
Miler Jim Ryun hopes to help others with hearing loss
Ray-O-Vac funds reprinting of booklet
Delta Zeta sorority sponsors new celebrity booklet edition
Norm Crosby to attend premiere of new TV PSA at NHAS meeting
Local newspapers provide wide coverage to celebrity feature
Activair sponsors reprinting of popular booklet on nerve deafness
Clara Peller joins magazine public service message series

December 1985
Richard Thomas joins award-winning PSA series
Crosby PSA gets strong start in major U.S. markets
Marjorie Skafte honored for hearing education efforts
Buddy Ebsen will lead 1986 campaign for better hearing and speech help
Keenan Wynn wears hearing aids in new NBC-TV time series
Dr. Ulene promotes hearing help in Syndicated healthfile column
BHI reports results at NHAS/AAS/AAO meetings
Hope, Diller, Martin and Float join celebrity booklet
Eveready sponsors new edition of hearing help case histories

March 1986
Duracell, Activair fund major BHI ad campaign
AP/UPI release BH&SM photos to over 1,200 newspapers across U.S.
Focus group interviews reveals data about hard-of-hearing and spouses
BHI celebrity feature generates broad local coverage
Jerry Lee elected honorary president by hearing and speech consortium
Richard Thomas PSA use boosted by Delta Zeta sorority follow-up
BHI surveys 1,022 callers
Time donates five pages in 11 months BHI PSAs

June 1986
Delta Zeta sponsors Florence Henderson PSA
"Good Morning America" launches better hearing and Speech month
Burger acclaims "Model" support by California hearing association
HIA/BHI cooperate on major public information program
New edition of popular booklet made possible by Ray-O-Vac grant
Richard Thomas featured in new magazine public service message
Run for Better hearing generates united support for BHI projects
Major magazines cited for help: Reader's Digest plans Q&A book
Penns., Md., Del., associations host BHI public information sessions

September 1986
Arnold Palmer stars in new TV PSA
Major study cities elderly's need for information on hearing help
Thomas magazine public service ad earns acceptance
Florence Henderson TV PSA boosted by Delta Zeta
McDonald TV commercial a first to feature two young deaf people
CBS-TV gives network slots to BHI PSAs in a single year!
Hearing help providers participate in 8th annual better hearing help
Thomas joins booklet celebrities; BHI tools aid hearing help team

December 1986
Nancy and Lorne Greene PSA appeals to spouse
Richard Thomas honored for public information efforts
"Typical American" message joins magazine public service ad series
PSAs premiere at NHAS meeting; society funds new BHI brochure
Arnold Palmer TV PSA released
New booklet designed as tool for hearing help providers
John Zei elected honorary president
Richard Thomas will lead council's 1987 public information campaign

March 1987
LTI, Duracell fund new release of Cosby PSA
Richard Thomas, Jason Aristy join in May campaign PSAs and poster
Greene TV PSA boosted by follow-up of Delta Zeta, Medical Societies
Leading magazine donate space to new "Typical American" PSA
Thomas elected chairman by Better Hearing Institute board
$20.5 million in results marks BHI's best year!
Hope, Greene, Henderson, Palmer join other stars in new TV PSA

June 1987
Thomas kicks off United BHSM campaign
Nerve deafness help focus of new information program
BHI board member profile: FDA's Edward J. McDonnell
BHI set for HAAC meeting forum
Help for nerve deafness highlighted in BHI exhibit at Major senior expo
Major magazine receive awards for outstanding space donations
BHI report to Penna association keys need to reach family physician
Ray-O-Vac funds new edition of BHI publication
New edition of celebrity booklet funded by Precision LensCrafters
First hearing helpline marks 15th year with 100,000th call

September 1987
Eddie Albert stars in new PSA funded by NHAS
Activair/Duracell funds Family Physician project
Arnold Palmer magazine PSAs back family physician effort
Nerve deafness help feature issued

December 1987
President will lead 1988 BH&SM campaign
Arnold Palmer honored for public information efforts
Major consumer magazines donate generous space to Palmer message
Family doctor role noted in Richard Dysart TV PSA
Crosby named President's Ambassador for BH&SM council's 1988 campaign
Albert PSA premieres at NHAS meeting
Sally Field will star in radio public service messages
Eveready funds new edition of "Overcome Hearing Loss Now!"

March 1988
President Reagan, Jessica Riley join May effort PSAs, poster
Norm Crosby assists President in BH&SM campaign media appearances
Phyllis Diller wins $7,850 for BHI
Print PSA, nerve deafness info aimed at family doctor media
Motivational brochure funded by American Consumer Research
Richard Dysart PSA released
Nerve deafness booklet requests soa

June 1988
Medical association sponsor Surgeon General Koop PSA
President kicks off 1988 public information campaign
Richard Dysart magazine PSAs back family physician effort
"BHI of Europe" proposed by European Hearing Association
"USA Toady" boosts booklet; Ray-O-Vac funds new edition
Institute board member profile: President Richard T. Burger
Hearing help now $2 billion field
AP gives national media coverage to 10th "Run for Better Hearing"
Family doctors respond warmly to Duracell-funded test mailing
Major state association hears BHI reports

September 1988
Surgeon General PSA reaches 711 TV stations
NHL's first deaf player joins BHI public information program
New print PSA makes "money" in Family Physician Program update
New hearing helpline brochure marks 15th year of service to U.S. callers
BHI Program stars promote hearing help on national TV
New BHI booklet highlighted by USA Today
"Fair Share" appeal marks 15th BHI Anniversary

December 1988
Richard Dysart cited for Hearing Awareness results
I. King Jordan joins Institute Advisory Board
BHI reports results at NHAS/AAO-HNS conferences
Koop PSA yields top response from TV

March 1989
Surgeon General leads BH&SM campaign
Family physician media provide unusual boost to hearing PSAs
Marjorie Skafte named to institute advisory board
Institute board member profile: Treasurer Ross J. Roeser, Ph.D.
USA Today "Tips-Offs" spur hearing help info request
Rayovac funds new edition of celebrity brochure

June 1989
NFL star Mike Singletary in new TV PSA
Richard Thomas will appear in family scenario PSA
AAFP Chief's nerve deafness article released
Newsweek, People, Parents donate space to new print PSA
Duracell funds new edition of hearing helpline info packet
Institute board member profile: First president Ralph Campagna
Dysart helps "Hear Now" launch program for financially needy

September 1989
BHI elected 1990 committee chair for council better hearing and speech effort
"H.E.A.R. and BHI unite in alerting "Rockers" about hearing protection
Delta Zeta members help cause for better hearing
Nerve deafness print feature issued by news USA to newspapers
Burger applaud strong 1988 support by California Hearing Aid Association
Dr. Koop notes help of hearing aids in new consumer print media PSA

December 1989
Richard Thomas, son stress family hearing role
Hearing conservation video to include Thomas, other celebrities
Dysart leads better hearing and speech effort
Dr. John W. House elected president by hearing and speech consortium
Singletary PSA gets warm response from TV, hearing helpline callers
Reagan will boost hearing help in new generic TV PSA
Richard T. Burger honored for hearing help awareness efforts
Local newspaper coverage supplements national print and broadcast exposure
New AV tool for local presentations available
New print PSA makes "Money" magazines donate record space
BHI updates attendees at NHAS and AAO-HNS conferences

March 1990
Record distribution set for President Reagan PSA
Hearing aid specialist & Audiologist among new leaders elected to BHI
Hearing industry executive elected to Institute board
National media projects feature TV PSA and "L.A. Law" set photo

May 1990
Campaign boosted by "LA-Law" tie-in
Capital Children's Museum kicks off hearing and speechg awareness elements
First BH&SM congressional reception to be hosted by John W. House, M.D.
President Reagan's ear physician is honorary leader of 1990 campaign
Council offers many effective tools to promote community campaigns
Local projects add impact to council campaign

June 1990
President, First Lady give BH&SM unique lift Dysart, poster child cap record 1990 campaign
President Reagan encourages Americans about hearing help inn new TV messages
First Lady joins BH&SM festivities in kick-off at capital Children's Museum
Celebrity feature for 14,000 publications made possible by Gennum, Corp Grant
Ear Physicians, Audiologist, hearing aid providers join in the 12th annual "Run for Better Hearing"

September 1990
Council campaign generates record results
Football star Reggie Williams chosen National Chairman
Florida boy wins Art Award

September 1990-Vol 18, #3
Dr. Art Ulene and Richard Dysart spark Family Physician Program
United effort key to Council's record results
Rayovac funds new BHI booklet
HAAC honors Dysart contributions, gives BHI program strong support
Council hearing and speech "Umbrella" generates nationwide media coverage
New edition of celebrity poster made possible by Duracell, Inc.

December 1990
New BHI TV spots feature atypical spokespeople
Helpline callers respond warmly to USA Today, magazine promos
Decoder circuitry act marks NCI's 10th anniversary
Reggie Williams to lead council's public information campaign
Dr. Ross J. Roeser elected president by hearing and speech consortium
BHI report to Penna. Assn. keys need to reach family physician
Hearing help providers offered President Reagan PSA tablecard
BHI updates attendees at NHAS/AAO meetings

March 1991
President Reagan Lauded for Better Hearing role
Hearing industry executives elected as Institute directors
Al and Bobby Unser star in TV and print media messages
Feature release made possible by Gennum Corp. grant
New print PSA timed for use with TV messages, newspaper features
Nerve deafness myths countered in booklet sponsored by Duracell
Ear specialists get BHI reports in Williamsburg and Philadelphia

June 1991
New audiovisual tool to highlight success stories
President kicks off public information campaign
Alabama music group drummer to star in magazine messages
McDonnell assures hearing field of FDA boost in Family Physician effort
Unsers urge newspaper readers to protect hearing from noise
Delta Zeta Foundation sponsors new edition of Tinnitus pamphlet
First hearing helpline marks 19th year
L.A. "Ossicular Chain Gang" presents BHI Grant to Chairman Richard Thomas
Delta Zeta volunteers donate time, energy to Better Hearing projects
National and state associations get BHI updates

September 1991
James Stewart will lead 1992 campaign
Palmer, Singletary, Dysart, and Dr. Koop among stars in joint AAO-ADA-BHI PSA
New TV spots will feature Leslie Nielsen
Mark Herndon print PSA released
Deafness research foundation honors institute for public information efforts
Jerome C. Goldstein, M.D. elected president by hearing and speech month consortium
New speakers AV tool will premiere T NHAS meeting in Reno

December 1991
Nanette Fabray receives DRF award from Institute
O'Connor dances in TV and print PSAs
National newsweeklies donate pages to PSAs starring Unsers & Dr. Ulene
Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D. brings marketing savvy to BHI board
National association receives BHI updates
New TV PSAs, speaker tools premiere at NHAS convention in Reno

March 1992
Unsers honored for hearing awareness results
Richard Thomas, son urges hearing protection in new print PSA co-sponsored by AAS and BHI
Knowles Electronics funds pilot mailing of new speaker's tool for hearing team
Major networks give unprecedented early approval to Nielsen TV PSAs
Burger honored for exceptional service by BHI
Nielsen urges newspaper readers to protect hearing, benefit from help
Council offers BH&SM tools for local campaigns in May
James Stewart and child of year spark TV, print messages

June 1992
Canadian Association Grants expand BHI program
Sixteen personalities featured on new poster made possible by Duracell U.S.A. Grant
National consumer magazines, medical journals donate generous space to Nielsen print PSA
Etymotic research funds new editions of hearing helpline guide and help directory
TV PSA featuring Donald O'Connor issued to networks/cable outlets
Assistive devices featured in new booklet by Cindy Compton
Hal Fishbein drums up BHI support at sales seminars across the U.S.

September 1992
Duracell and Starkey Grants fund new TV program, speaker tool
TV spots will feature Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
New assistive technology booklet funded by Grant from Phonic Ear
Prominent Otolaryngologist join Institute's Board of Directors
ADA/SHHH, hear now get hearing awareness updates

December 1992
"People versus Noise" TV program stars 1992 Emmy winner Dysart as Lawyer
BHI projects earn high "Nielsen Ratings"
Actor Leslie Nielsen honored for hearing help awareness results
International Hearing Society honors Floyd Loupot with Leland Watson Award
Better Hearing and Speech Council selects Danbury boy for 1993 "Child of the Year"
International runners shine in BHI run at IHS meeting

March 1993
Shari Lewis, Lamb Chop to boost Better Hearing awareness
Eveready funds Spanish version of popular BHI celebrity poster
Industry leaders confer at HIA meeting in California
Runner Jim Ryan to lead United Council campaign
Whichard elected president by hearing and speech consortium

June 1993
Journal marks BHI 20th year with May campaign salute
Cablevision gives TV program better hearing and speech month premiere in Ohio
Popular booklet now available in Spanish thanks to second grant from Westone Labs
Canadian TV use of BHI spots spurred by latest Grant from CAEA
Officer of BHI and Delta Zeta Foundation honored with TV Broadcasting Awards

September 1993
Comedienne to spark new TV spots
Kathy Buckley magazine message made possible by Siemens Grant
German hearing industry magazine to highlight generation of hearing help awareness efforts
Delta Zeta Foundation sponsors newly designed Tinnitus booklet
EISA expands hearing conservation efforts will fund BHI TV spots starring Herndon
Hearing journal funds new edition of booklet for hearing team use
National Institute on Deafness Friends review NIDCD programs,
BHI second IHS meeting welcomes hearing team entrants

December 1993
TV Heptathlete adds dimensions to hearing awareness
German hearing magazine's 3-issue series salutes BHI's public awareness results
Drummer for Alabama Country Music Group honored for his outstanding better hearing awareness efforts
BHI directors elect Johnson to board, presents exemplary service award to Zei
IHS attendees hear Bobby Unser, see new speaker's tool
Jazz legend Lionel Hampton to lead better hearing and speech effort
Bungee Jumper leaps for better hearing, promotes BHI helpline in AT&T Magazine

March 1994
Delta Zeta, BHI team up on new speaker's bureau
BHI video slated for April TV airings in 38 states, Canada
"A Guide to your Child's Hearing" made possible by Duracell Grant
Popular booklet dispels nerve deafness myths, given fresh look with Grant from Westone Labs
Hearing professionals tell how they use BHI tools in magazine marketing article
Montreal Expo Rookie inspires hard-of-hearing people
"Jazz up your life with better hearing and speech" theme for Hampton kick-off of BH&SM campaign

June 1994
Videos for 2,600 U.S. and Canada outlets funded by Duracell
Buckley boosts national TV effort to promote hearing help advances
BHI updates attendee at Canadian and U.S. Association meetings
SHHH joins Institute, Delta Zeta in new speaker's bureau
Generous magazine exposure serves as national "Umbrella for local print pick-up
Lionel Hampton kicks off "Jazzy" council campaign
Canadian media responds warmly to new Nielsen print PSAs and TV spots

September 1994
"Play It Loud" TV campaign assailed
Etymotic "Seed" Grant boosts major broadcast exposure for modern hearing help advances
Sertoma International joins SHHH, Delta Zeta & BHI as new partner in better hearing speaker's bureau
Robin Wright boosts hearing help for children in new TV PSA
Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop tackle hearing stigma in new TV messages
BHI's new Canadian program scores three TV guide placements & more
Shelley Beattie TV spots score well in Nielsen Satellite tracking
Kathy Buckley cited for better hearing awareness efforts
BHI's third IHS meeting run welcomes hearing team entrants
Newsweek leads magazine donations serving as national umbrella for generous local coverage
Institute represented at SHHH/IHS and Chattanooga events

December 1994
Parents offered free new guide in Robin Wright TV & print messages
Major hearing awareness broadcasts boosted by new special project Grant
Nintendo pulls three "Play It Loud" TV commercials, PTAs join protect against new multimedia messages
Industry chief elected as new BHI president

June 1995
Miss America urges children to overcome challenges in her new BHI TV spots airing this month
Major magazines boost better hearing as Business Week plugs "Smart" hearing aid
National, major market broadcast exposure sparked by special Grant from Microtronic
Miss America kicks off united public awareness effort
Robin Wright newspaper feature on Children's hearing funded by AAS
A.H.I.P. members raise funds for BHI Canadian effort
Phonic Ear funds new printing of popular assistive devices booklet

September 1995
Hearing help advances focus of next TV/speaker's video (Argosy Grant funds script development for new production)
BHI honors SHHH and Sertoma volunteers with new Int'l Speaker Bureau Award
Robin Wright cited for outstanding efforts with 1995 Better Hearing Achievement Award
Starkey joins other major BHI sponsors to strengthen hearing awareness efforts
Canadian distribution of Wright print messages made possible by efforts of A.H.I.P. members
Greater hearing aid user satisfaction gets boost from guide now offered by Institute

December 1995
Communication awareness day launched on Capitol Hill
RTI joins other major BHI sponsors to strengthen hearing help awareness
International runners and walkers join in BHI's fun run/fund raiser at HIS meeting
International hearing congress highlights BHI project
BHI board elects Johnson to second term as president
Celebrities promote better hearing at Asheville Museum
Kentucky Association encourages members to become model BHI supporting chapter

March 1996
Duracell offers major challenge Grant for awareness projects serving industry
Routine hearing test need stressed in TV spots
United Hearing Systems and Best Labs join other major BHI sponsors to strengthen Institute efforts
New Jersey Association members raise funds in BHI run/walk on Atlantic City's Boardwalk

June 1996
AARP members updated on new hearing help
TV spots promoting routine hearing test score high in Nielsen Satellite-tracking
HIA's first "Hearing on the Hill" shows Congress hears quite well
Major industry sponsors review BHI strategic plan
East/West Canadian hearing instrument specialists run/walk to raise funds for BHI program in Canada

November 1996
Public awareness workshop set for AAA Parley
BHI program personalities cheer hearing joke book
AARP publications and National Geographic boost major print exposure for hearing help
1996 Better Hearing Achievement Award lauds Contributions of Dr. Sergey Koch kin
Rosalyn Carter TV spots encourage Tinnitus sufferers
Sertoma, SHHH speakers feted for better hearing efforts
BHI fun runner/walkers raise funds/awareness at IHS meeting

February 1997
Newly elected BHI director keys family physician effort
Cineplex Odeon promotes better hearing to movie goers
Get caught in the BHI web
Rosalynn Carter TV and print messages released to media

June 1997
Record number of hearing helpline calls for Carter PSA
National Pharmacy chains promotes BHI resources
Leslie Nielsen named new BHI International Chairman
BHI's new website welcomes visitors from over 30 countries
Canadian fun runners compete to raise funds for hearing awareness

November 1997
Kudos to Clinton for choosing better hearing
Press spotlights BHI
Regular hearing screenings urged by BHI panel of family physicians
A physician's Guide for identifying hearing loss produced by BHI with Grant from Welch Allyn
Best Labs Grant boosts BHI booklet on Tinnitus
Canadian runners and walkers go the distance for BHI
Retired executive pioneers BHI volunteers program

February 1998
1998 meeting of family physicians spotlights hearing screenings
BHI's Parents' guide reprinted with Grant from Duracell
Nielsen PSAs promote consumer booklet on hearing aids
Etymotic Grant funds reprinting of popular BHI resource

July 1998
Better Hearing Institute marks quarter century
BHI director Don Worthington selected for AAA's first Professional Achievement Award
East v. West BHI is winner in Canadian competition
BHI connects with AARP members
Mid America hearing instrument specialists rally support for BHI
BHI-Just a Touch Away
Hearing technologies International funds reprint of Tinnitus booklet