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  • Airport screening tips for people with hearing loss
    If the screening process is unclear to you, ask the Security Officer to write the information down. If you can read lips or are hard of hearing, ask the Security Officer to look directly at you and repeat the information slowly.

  • When a loved one resists help
    Often a family member or friend denies they have a hearing loss. Here are some practical strategies to help them become aware of their hearing loss without confrontation. Awareness is the first step toward seeking a solution for hearing loss.

  • Communication strategies
    When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem. Communication is a two-way street, and both the listener with the hearing loss, and his or her communication partner, can play a role in reducing the problems that may arise during a conversation. This sections outlines some communication strategies for both the listener and the communication partner that may significantly reduce conversational difficulties.

  • Tips for hearing in noise
    Despite tremendous advances in hearing aid technology, even with the latest digital noise reduction circuitry, background noise continues to be a problem. Problematic background noise is any noise that interferes with your ability to hear, understand, and/or pay attention to the signal that you want to hear. Here are some practical tips for minimizing the effects of background noise when wearing your hearing aids.

  • Clear speech
    Hearing aids are not always enough to understand the speech of people around you. Here are some practical communication strategies to TEACH your family and friends so that you increase your speech comprehension while wearing your hearing aids.

  • Why people delay a solution
    Why do so many people ignore or minimize their hearing loss?; we don't do that when we need glasses. Here are some key reasons as well as answers to the reasons why people delay treating their hearing loss.

  • Expectations: A Key to Success
    Having realistic expectations as to what hearing aids can and cannot do for you. Often the difference between success and failure with hearing aids has to do with our expectations. In addition we list what you should expect from your hearing healthcare provider. Your life can be changed dramatically with hearing aids but only if you achieve significant improvement in your ability to hear. Your minimum expectation should be that you will get benefit from your hearing aids; but keep in mind many cannot achieve complete restoration of their hearing with hearing aids.

  • The Impact of Treated Hearing Loss on Quality of Life
    When you achieve benefit from hearing aids, meaning you can hear better than without hearing aids, your life can literally be transformed. Learn how hearing loss treatment can impact nearly every dimension of the human experience.