Better Hearing Institute


Facts about Hearing Loss

  • Excessive noise is the number one reason for hearing loss.
  • Experts agree that continued exposure to noise of 85 dB or louder, over time, will eventually harm hearing.
  • If you cannot carry on a conversation in the presence of noise, it is too loud for your ears and can potentially cause hearing loss.
  • 1 in 4 workers exposed to high levels of noise will develop a hearing loss.
  • The number one reason people seek a hearing solution is the recognition that their hearing has worsened. Usually this occurs from making a serious mistake, family pressure or safety concerns.
  • Professions at risk of hearing loss include firefighters, police officers, factory workers, farmers, construction workers, military personnel, heavy industry workers, musicians, and entertainment industry professionals.
  • The ear has over 25,000 tiny hair cells to help you hear the nuances of sound.