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Hearing Loss Success Stories

Want to Share Your Hearing Loss Success Story?

If you have hearing loss and have successfully received treatment (e.g. hearing aids, surgery, medical care, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices, etc.) we want to hear from you. Your story just might motivate your fellow American to receive treatment for their hearing loss.

Hearing loss has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. Yet millions of Americans are in denial about their hearing problems and therefore delay seeking help. Hearing loss is everyone’s problem, not just the elderly. In fact 65% of people with hearing loss are under the age of retirement.

A Chance to Change Lives

For more than 30 years, well-known Americans who have personal experience with hearing loss have stepped forward to help the Better Hearing Institute battle the stigma associated with this condition. When people with hearing loss hear real life stories of noteworthy Americans who have addressed this problem, it often inspires and motivates them to overcome their embarrassment and get help from a hearing professional.

Now you do not have to be nationally or even locally famous to assist the Better Hearing Institute in changing lives. We are interested in hearing from people in all walks of life. If you have a motivating story to share please contact us with a short description of who you are, tell us a little about your hearing loss and the hearing solution which has changed your life. Please include contact information including: full name, mailing address and email address. Your story could make a difference in someone else’s life!

We will mail you an information packet which includes: Better Hearing Institute literature, a contract (which protects you and gives us permission to use your story in our media relations) and a list of questions which are necessary for us to help compose your story for posting on our website.

Lives Which Have Been Personally Changed with Treatment

To the left we are storing personal success stories by occupation. Simply click on the occupation to read their story or scroll below. In addition read the success stories of famous celebrities who have overcome hearing loss on this web site.





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