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Play Hard

Play and kids. Kids and play. They go together. And they should.

Luckily, advances in hearing aid technology and complementary auditory technologies make it easier than ever for kids to play hard while hearing their best.

Today’s hearing aids are built to keep up. And just like kids, they come with all kinds of personalities: Simple. Sturdy. Secure. Discreet. Trendy. Wireless. Waterproof. Rechargeable. Colorful. Dirtproof. Shockproof. Dustproof. Sweatproof. Tech-savvy. You name it.

It’s not to say that hearing loss isn’t a challenge. It is a hurdle. A real-life one. But given the chance and the right tools, love, and support, most kids will rise to the challenge and exceed expectations.

So as you watch them build up momentum and leap over those hurdles, take a good look at the joy and sense of accomplishment on their faces.

Play hard. And enjoy it.

For more information on resources for kids with hearing loss see Hearingpedia.