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Succeed at School

Learning and feeling the satisfaction of success in the classroom is an important part of growing up. Children with hearing loss are no different in their desire to succeed.

Fortunately, modern technology and leading-edge professional knowledge about how children learn give kids with hearing loss a greater leg up in the classroom than ever before. There are many options available to help your child learn at his or her best and enjoy success.

By setting up an initial meeting with the school’s multidisciplinary team, you can begin to put the best plan in place for your child and give him or her the best opportunities for success. One of the best things you can do for your child is to stay involved and seek out and use the resources available to you.

Importantly, always remember to celebrate and enjoy the incremental successes along the way.

Every achievement, no matter how seemingly small, is an achievement. In fact, they are the stepping stones to even greater success.

For more information, see In the Classroom.