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What to Know About Hearing Aids for Children

Thanks to modern technology, hearing aids can benefit many children with hearing loss.

Getting professionally fitted hearing aids for your child is one of the greatest steps you can take to help your child with hearing loss fully enjoy the experiences of childhood and reach his or her potential. While hearing aids cannot restore your child’s natural hearing, they are a tremendous tool in helping to optimize auditory skills so your child can better hear, enjoy, respond to, and interact with the world around him.

So how do you go about getting hearing aids for your child?

A medical evaluation by an otologist or otolaryngologist, the medical doctor who specializes in the ears, followed by an evaluation by a licensed hearing care professional is the essential place to start. The medical examination will confirm the presence or absence of a condition that may be treated medically or surgically. If those are not options for your child, a hearing evaluation will help you identify your child’s individual hearing needs, understand how hearing aids work, and help you select a hearing aid that is most appropriate for your child.

Most otolaryngologists work with licensed hearing care professionals, either within the same practice location or by referral. You can also find a certified hearing healthcare professional by speaking with your child’s pediatrician, asking friends, looking in your local yellow pages, and searching online healthcare directories.

Remember: Providing professionally fitted hearing aids is one of the most important ways you can help ensure that your child with hearing loss enjoys the best quality of life possible.