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President: Mike Langhout

901 Boren Ave, Suite 810
Seattle, WA 98104-3534

Voice: (206)838-7194

Toll Free: 1-877-AUDIENT (1-877-283-4368)

Fax: (206)838-7195



 AUDIENT, an alliance for accessible hearing care, is designed to assist income qualified hard of hearing people - nationwide - to access quality hearing aids and related care at significantly reduced costs. The AUDIENT program was developed by the non-profit Northwest Lions Foundation for Sight & Hearing and made possible through the help of dedicated providers and suppliers.

The AUDIENT Program was designed for individuals whose income is above the government's established poverty levels, but still find it difficult to afford quality hearing care. Offers reduced cost hearing aids $1,290 to $1,500 for 2 new digital hearing aids, earmolds, a fitting, three follow-up visits, and a one year limited manufacturers’ warranty. Arrangements are made for referral to a participating hearing healthcare professional near you. Income requirements: Family size: 1 $24,500 income, 2 $33,000, 3 $41,000.