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Financial Assistance

Miracle Ear Children's Foundation

P.O. Box 59261 Minneapolis, MN 55459-0261 800/234-5422

Mission Statement: This program provides new or reconditioned “Miracle-Ear” hearing aids and service free of charge to families ineligible to receive public support with hearing impaired children ages sixteen years or younger. Dahlberg, Inc. is a corporate sponsor which donates hearing aids for needy children and underwrites the foundation’s administrative costs. Eligibility for hearing aids and other services requires disclosure of complete financial information for individuals residing in the same household.  

Eligibility:  To receive assistance through the Children's Foundation, the child must be:

1.                  A resident of the United States, 16 years old or younger, and have a hearing loss that requires amplification.

2.                  In possession of an audiogram and medical clearance dated within the last 6 months. The FDA requires medical clearance be signed by a physician.

3.                  In a family with an income level which does not allow the family to receive public support. (currently $20,000-$50,000 gross)

4.                  In a family committed to intervention, rehabilitation, and necessary follow-up services as the child grows.

Applications are evaluated on a case by case basis. Applications will be sent to U.S. addresses only. The name and address of the child's parent or guardian are required for application requests. Supplemental contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) may also be helpful in turning around information requests.

To apply: Contact the Foundation at the address and phone number above, or apply online at: