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Financial Assistance

Alpha One (Independent Living Center)

South Portland office
127 Main Street South Portland, ME 04106
1-800-640-7200 or 767-2189 (V/TTY)

Bangor office
1048 Union Street
Suite 2
Bangor, ME 04401
1-800-300-6016 or 941-6553 (V/TTY)

Aroostook office
P.O. Box 560
Mapleton, ME 04757
764-6466 (V/TTY)
1-800-974-6466 (V/TTY)
764-5396 (FAX)

Mission: Alpha One is a community-based enterprise directed and managed by people with disabilities dedicated to developing independent living opportunities. Alpha One promotes peer interaction, community resource utilization, and self advocacy skills. It seeks to ensure equal opportunity and compliance with all disability-related laws through increased public awareness, professional consultation, and community advocacy.

Services: Adaptive Equipment Loan Program, Adaptive Driver Education, and Information and Referral Service are of special interest to deaf citizens and agencies who serve deaf clients. Low interest loans can cover hearing aids, flashing alert systems and agency TTYs. Interest rates are based on the borrower's monthly income and expenses, and loans may be for extended periods of time. A down payment may not be required. A loan of $2,500 or less could qualify for expedited approval.

Independent Living (IL)-Deaf services are provided in the Portland and Bangor areas by IL service advocates for deaf individuals who use sign language. Services may include independent living support or advocacy. Services help people advocate for themselves within the community. This is a possible source of adaptive smoke alarms, and low interest loans for hearing aids and other adaptive equipment.

Adaptive Equipment Loan Program: If money stands between you and the adaptive equipment you need, the mPower program may be the solution. Loans are available from $250 up to $100,000, with extra quick decisions on those for $5,000 or less.

Staff from Alpha One can help you find the right equipment. The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) carefully looks at your loan application to make sure you can make the monthly payments. Both organizations' recommendations are acted upon by the program's Board of Directors, the majority of whom are people with disabilities.

Any kind of adaptive equipment or building alteration that makes you, a friend or family member, employees or customers more independent is eligible. Some examples include hearing aids, TTYs, assistive animals, and visual fire alarms.

To apply: The mPower consumer pre-application can be completed online. If there is anything you don't understand, we will be glad to help you out over the phone (1-800-640-7200 V/TTY or via e-mail at or at a face-to-face appointment. Please don't hesitate to call.

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