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Show Me Loans: Low Interest Loan Program

Show Me Loans: Low Interest Loan Program

Missouri Assistive Technology

4731 South Cochise, Suite 114 Independence, MO 64055-6975

Voice: 800-647-8557 (in-state only) or 816-373-5193

TTY: 800-647-8558 (in-state only) or 816-373-9315

FAX: 816-373-9314


Show Me Loans is a low-interest loan program to enable persons with disabilities in Missouri and their associates to purchase assistive technology equipment and devices, home access modifications, and vehicle access modifications. Missourians with disabilities, their family members, and their other associates can apply for loans for wheelchairs, electric scooters, hearing aids, computers, augmentative communication devices, electronic print enlarging devices, and other equipment made for people with disabilities. Loans may also be made for the costs of assistive technology services such as an evaluation or training to learn how to use a device.

Loan Terms

$500 up to $10,000 may be borrowed through the program. For most borrowers, the interest rate is from 2% to 4%. The exact rate will depend on their income. They may contact us if you have questions about interest rates. The term of the loan will depend in part on the type of equipment or modifications they are applying for. The longest term provided is 60 months.


Assistive technology purchased that will enable one or more individuals with a disability to become more independent is eligible. (This would clearly include hearing aids and assistive listening devices.) Loan applications are reviewed by a committee. If applicants have credit history problems, they should contact the program first to inquire about applying. Applicants with credit history problems may also consider applying with a co-applicant with a more favorable credit history.

To Apply

People can obtain a loan application form or ask further questions by calling or e-mailing the organization.