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Financial Assistance

Zallers Trust

Zallers Trust

Bruce Borders

P.O. Box 908 Independence, KS 67301

620-331-8600 - FAX 620-331-8626

No website or e-mail


Provides assistance for children under 18. It is a small trust, and thus cannot pay for the entire cost of hearing aids, but it may be able to provide assistance. Assistive listening equipment and the costs of hearing impaired children to camp are also considered and funded.


Children with disabilities are eligible if they live in Southeast Kansas. Income and cost of the devices are taken into consideration. No concrete limits are set. Assistance depends on the parents’ income and ability to help with cost. Decided on a case-by-case basis. Contact for more information.

To Apply

Patients should send a letter to the Trust, explaining the condition, the request, the cost involved, and documentation of the cost. The letter should mention any partial assistance from other organizations as well. Decisions are made on the same day that the request is received.