Better Hearing Institute


Care and Maintenance of Your Hearing Aids

Ronald L. Schow, Ph.D. Jeff Brockett, Ed.D.
Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

If you are a new hearing aid user or even if you've had your hearing aids for a while you may need a guide to help you care for and maintain your hearing aids in top condition. Here are some of the main issues that you need to know and understand to get the most from your amplification.

In this guide we address eight main issues: 1) Batteries, 2) ear wax, 3) ear mold/venting issues, 4) moisture/corrosion/dirt/intermittence, 5) telephone use, 6) feedback, 7) static/noise, and 8) prevention. If you need help with any of these you may consult the longer guide which is linked at the bottom of this introductory section or click on the key topical areas to go directly to that issue.

Issues with batteries include the following: Dead and defective batteries, getting the most out of your batteries, batteries in backwards, spent batteries, defective batteries, short battery life, conserving battery life, safety issues with batteries.

Issues with ear wax include: earwax obstruction, preventing wax build-up, when and how to remove wax.

Ear mold and venting issues include: ear discomfort, causes of ear discomfort, correcting a hearing aid fitting problem, plugged up vents.

Moisture, corrosion, dirt & related intermittence: moisture problems, resolving moisture problems, effects of moisture, dirty volume control, dirty battery, problem of oily skin.

Telephone issues: poor telephone reception, telecoil circuit, successful use of the telecoil circuit , other tips for improved telephone listening.

Feedback issues: hearing aid squeal (acoustic feedback), acceptable versus unacceptable feedback, earwax and feedback, solving the feedback problem, feedback with new hearing aids, feedback and telephone use.

Static and other unwanted sounds: wind noise, background noise.

Preventive hearing aid maintenance: Spare set of hearing aids, hearing aid disuse and longevity.

If you need help with any of these issues see the detailed discussion.