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Air Force Aid Society

Air Force Aid Society

241 18th Street, Suite 202 Arlington, VA 22202

800-769-8951 703-607-3022


Financial assistance is given when a qualifying individual cannot otherwise pay for specific basic needs essential to continued personal effectiveness as an Air force member.

The Society believes that it is better to err on the side of generosity in assisting with need.

Emergency assistance usually combines an assessment of the emergency situation and an evaluation of the personal budget to arrive at a decision to make an interest free loan, a grant, or combination of both. Timely response to personal emergencies is the AFAS watchword: streamlined procedures are authorized when the need is under $250 or the situation is urgent.

Emergency Assistance can be given as an interest free loan, a grant, or a combination of both. Most assistance is provided as interest free loans with repayment set according to budget surplus. Grants or combination loan/grants are given when repayment would cause a genuine hardship, but they should not be given to reward financial irresponsibility. Grants are sometimes given for basic needs: e.g., food, utilities, emergency travel, medical or dental expenses. Hearing aids are specifically covered.


Active duty members and their dependents, retired Air Force personnel and their dependents, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve personnel on extended duty over 15 days, away from their home station, under Title 10, U.S. Code, and spouses and dependent age children of deceased Air Force personnel (who died on active duty or in retired status) are eligible. Assistance for retired personnel is available but not on a continuing basis. There is a case by case review.