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Colorado Center for Hearing, Speech and Language

4280 Hale Parkway

Denver, CO 80220-3724.

303) 322-1871.

Contact: Office Manager

1329 North Academy Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

(719) 597-3390

Mission: We are devoted to improving people's lives by providing quality hearing and speech services. We're here to help you get the treatment you and your family need.

History: We've been here for more than 85 years. Of course, we changed our name and location, and that was all for the better. And yet, we are most proud of one thing that has stayed exactly the same-helping. We are still helping one person at a time. From our beginning as a volunteer-run lipreading club, we went on to offer support groups, hearing screening in schools and speech therapy. In 1970, we pioneered a nationwide hearing conservation program for businesses to generate funds and help those who could not pay for services. Today, we're proud to continue providing quality hearing and speech services in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Services: We carry and are knowledgeable about hearing aids made by a number of different manufacturers.  Our audiologists will evaluate your current hearing aids, if you have them, and determine how well they are serving your hearing loss or if they need adjustment or repair.  If you want or need new hearing aids, we will try to present you with more than one choice.

Financial assistance:  We provide hearing aids regardless of ability to pay.  That means that you can apply for our financial assistance program if you can't afford hearing aids.  If you can afford hearing aids, your fees will never go to paying a commission - all fees go right back into providing services for other individuals.