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Delaware Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Delaware Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services State Office

3535 N.W. 58th Street, Suite 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73112-4815

405-951-3400 800-845-8476 800-847-4042 Fax: 405-951-3529 


Include provision of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.


1. Be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe.

2. Be able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services to get a job.

3. Must require vocational rehabilitation services to prepare, enter, and retain employment.

4. Have a documented mental or physical disability or impairment which is a substantial barrier to employment. Hearing loss qualifies.

5. Must reside within the Delaware Nation service area, including Blaine, Caddo, Cleveland, Grady, Kiowa, Logan, McClain, and Oklahoma counties.

To Apply

Qualified applicants need to contact different people depending on the tribe to which they belong.