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Dorothy Ames Trust Fund


Key Bank Trust Client Services
Mail Code NY-31-66-0442
66 South Pearl St. 4th Floor
P.O. Box 22042 Albany, NY 12201
Attn: Ed Deluccia
Tel: 1-866-238-8650 (V)
1-518-257-9662 (V)
Fax: 1-518-257-9670

Mission: Provides grants for purchase of hearing aids and auditory trainers for deaf children of New England.

Assistance available: This is a very small trust fund, and payment for cochlear implants is beyond the scope of the resources. However, assistance for portions of expenses is feasible.

To apply: Send a copy of the audiologist report, a statement of need from parents, estimate of cost for equipment or services requested, and the most recent signed tax return. If you get partial assistance from other sources and need more, let them know that you have looked and what you have found.