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First Hand Foundation

First Hand Foundation

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First Hand assists individual children who have clinically relevant, health-related needs but no financial net to cover these expenses. Through this individual focus, First Hand reaches children throughout the world who might normally fall through the cracks of insurance coverage and state aid. The foundation strives to provide assistance that creates independence, rather than dependence, for its recipients. Additionally, as a nonprofit organization, the foundation implores doctors, hospitals, and equipment providers to cooperate with the foundation and its mission by discounting their services below listed prices


First Hand would cover expenses associated with assistive technology equipment, hearing aids, and possibly travel for cochlear implant therapy. Lodging at a medical discount rate may qualify but ONLY if charitable housing is not available.


To be considered for funding, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. The child must be 18 years of age or younger (a child 18 – 21 can be considered if under the care of a pediatrician and in a child-like state).

2. The child must be under the care of a pediatrician.

3. The case must involve a child with a specific need.

4. The request must be clinically relevant to the health of the child.

5. There must be no existing insurance coverage for the requested expenses.

6. An application for expenses already incurred will not be considered for First Hand Foundation funding.

The First Hand Foundation is global, and it accepts applications from anywhere in the world. International cases are considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to special internal guidelines and restrictions.

We don’t distribute funds directly to the families. Many hospitals have emergency funds. If this possibility does not exist, it is up to the case manager’s discretion where First Hand will send the funds.

To Apply

Qualified applicants should submit the following items:

1. Application form online,

2. Letter from doctor on letterhead explaining the child’s diagnosis, history of illness, specific request for funding and other relevant information.

3. Letter from provider on letterhead showing the original cost and estimated discount (discount must be given in order for First Hand to assist).

4. First page of federal income tax return.

5. Letter of denial from insurance company

6. Child’s photograph and photo release form,

7. Once these items are submitted, the case manager will review the application. First Hand may request additional documentation.

All documentation should be submitted before the last Wednesday of the month in order for the application to be reviewed by the Clinical Decision Committee. The Clinical Decision Committee consists of Cerner associates who meet on the first Wednesday of the month. After the committee has reviewed the submitted materials from each case, a decision will be made. The case manager will follow up with the applicant within a week of the meeting. If approved, funding will be sent to the provider within two weeks.

Please note: The recipient must use the funding within 12 months of the date granted or must reapply to First Hand.

Applicants can apply one time in a 12-month period and no more than three times to the Foundation.