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Hear Now

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Joanita Stelter, MS.Ed.
6700 Washington Avenue
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
VOICE: 800-648-HEAR (4327)
FAX: 952-828-6946
A private, non-profit organization that provides hearing aids for adults and children who are residents of the United States, who are deaf or hard of hearing and who have limited income. HEAR NOW is a provider of last resort. All other options for service must be used before benefit can be approved. Services are distributed through a nationwide network of hearing professionals. Providers are asked to waive fitting and follow-up fees for the first year of warranty coverage. Clients pay for their hearing evaluations and a non-refundable HEAR Now processing fee of $60 per aide. The organization provided more than 15,300 hearing aides to people in need last two years. HEAR NOW also collects old hearing aids for recycling. Donated aides should be packaged and mailed. Donations are tax deductible and will be acknowledged.